My Last Career Fair at Bryant University

The 2017 Spring Career Fair at Bryant was held last night. I am not aware if it is a personal experience that I tend to have, or the fact that a senior’s last semester at Bryant comes with a sobering reflection that nothing lasts forever, but whatever it is, times like these lead me to […]

Exploring Boston after President’s Day

On Tuesday morning, I took a tour of Boston after touring a graduate school in the area earlier that morning. Back in the summer of 2016 when I interned in Boston, I normally left for the Peter Pan bus terminal at 5:00 am since the first ride left at 5:30 am. I had opted to […]

What I learned from MyPATH

Freshman last week participated in Bryant’s “MyPATH” event as part of our Gateway curriculum. In a nutshell, MyPATH allows students to learn more about the majors and minors that are offered here at Bryant. Students attend a keynote speaker session, as well as two additional sessions that teach students about specific degrees. I was unsure […]


A Day at MyPath

This year the entire freshmen class had the opportunity to attend the MyPath Showcase. MyPath is an opportunity for underclassmen to speak with students and faculty about their majors and minors and find out more information about what they want to do here at Bryant and after their four years here! The Showcase started off […]

Design Thinking at IDEA Fair

For all freshman this year, our Spring Semester kicked off with Bryant’s design thinking project IDEA Fair. For 72 hours, me and my fellow classmates researched, brainstormed, prototyped, and presented our solutions to critical questions engineered by the IDEA committee. Topics ranged across industries from zoos, to movie theaters, to museums, to even Gillette Stadium! […]

The Art and Science of Love

In elementary school, I loved passing out Valentines to all my classmates. There was something so special about receiving a kind note from every person in the class. I would run home after school with my shoe-box-turned-mail-box in my hands and proudly show my mom the array of cards, candy and pencil erasers my classmates […]

Valentine’s Day Event

Earlier yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend The Art & Science (A&S) of Love Valentine’s Day celebration inside the Roto. This colorful event was organized by the Faculty & Staff of A&S and it ran from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Among the people around were Dean Bradford, lecturers from the different departments […]

My Journey to being an Orientation Leader

In the fall semester I had been 1/ 16 members who have been chosen to be an Orientation leader for the class of 2021. During the fall semester, we as a team had met and introduced ourselves to one another. We became somewhat familiar with each other; however, we weren’t too close as friends. Those […]


A Day at the Zoo

This week, I had the opportunity to attend an informational event put on by the Roger Williams Park Zoo. The Department of Science, and even more specifically my biology teacher, encouraged the members of our class to attend! The event sounded pretty interesting so I went and had a great time! The session was centered […]

Snow Day???

This is the one notification on twitter that every Bryant University student waits patiently for: “OK bulldogs, you have your wish, classes today are cancelled, As agreed see you at the basketball game! Sweet dreams” @BryantUPrez or better known as President Ronald Machtley. President Machtley is known to hold off on granting us a snow […]