President Machtley’s best Twitter moments:

When you come to Bryant the word community is said a lot. However, it is only said so many times because people actually mean it. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked past strangers on this campus, yet they still will always make sure to send me a wave or a welcoming […]

The Balance of Life and Gym

This year, I have taken a major commitment in finding a proper balance between working out and keeping up with my school work. This was one of the goals I wanted to achieve coming into the semester. As I have time to reflect on it now, I realize that I believe I have done a […]

Surviving Midterms

Even though I have been a student for almost three years, I will never find a perfect way to survive midterms. I have definitely had it easy the past couple of semesters, but this semester it felt like a round of finals. What made this round of midterms different was not the increase in work, […]

National Women’s Day: the Sorority Edition

This Wednesday was National Women’s day where I saw an influx of women power and empowerment throughout my day. Of course, there was an influx of pictures on social media accounts showcasing women loving other women and thanking them for all of their support. But I did not think it was going to be to […]

Transitioning from Midterms to Break and Back to Bryant

Wow! It wasn’t until the other day while I was prepping for my midterms that I realized we’re almost at the end of the academic year. And what a year it has been. Even though the finish line is in sight, we still have a couple of months until the end of the semester. This […]


MSU present Dashiki Day!

One thing that I truly love about Bryant University would be the programs or the events that organizations host to promote the different cultures that are present on a campus. MSU, which stands for the Multicultural Student Union, is one of those organizations that aims to do this. Last week, they hosted a Dashiki Day […]


Extravaganza ’17

Friday, February 24th, Bryant University hosted one of its biggest events on campus – Extravangza Fashion. This fashion is hosted by the Multicultural Student Union (MSU). MSU hosts numerous programs throughout the month of February in honor of Black History Month and the fashion show closes the month’s festivities. This year the theme was “Couture […]


LEARN Weekend Kickoff

This year, I took on the responsibility of being the co-coordinator for the LEARN Weekend Experience  with Ryan Steinhauser. This program falls under the Link through Leadership umbrella where students are given the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones and learn about themselves. This week, a couple of the facilitators on the team […]

Let it Snow

This week, the students of Bryant University experienced their very first snow day of the semester. As a student – this is the best news that you could possibly receive. I, for one was extremely excited for the snow day. Of course, I had to start the snow day off right with some hot chocolate […]

michael sam 1

Michael Sam at Bryant

A couple weeks ago, I coordinated a very special event for the Student Arts and Speakers Series committee under the Student Programming Board (say that five times fast…). We had Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, speak to the Bryant community about his experiences. My co-chair, Amreen (pictured above), and I got to […]