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Attending on Campus-Events: Communication Department

This week I had the opportunity to attend a documentary screening of Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image from Bryant University’s Media Literacy Week. This documentary was put on by the Department of Communication and many other on campus groups! I attended the documentary and learned an incredible amount about the modeling industry and why our culture […]

Prepping for the Holidays

As we’re officially over Halloween, in my opinion we are entering the Holiday season! No matter your beliefs, I always think it’s nice to spread happiness, be merry, and thank the ones you care about. Here are my tips for getting in holiday spirit. Decorate, decorate, decorate! There’s no better way to get in a […]

My Favorite Study Locations on Campus

The greatest thing about Bryant is the diversity. I’m not only talking about students and professors, but also buildings. Bryant has a ton of different study options for all different types of learning, something I have come to appreciate in my three semesters here at Bryant. I like to vary where I study and lately […]

Fall Open House

Welcome back Bulldogs! We’re having amazing fall weather on campus right now, I hope you have an opportunity to come by. It was perfect weather for our fall Open House! As a new ambassador, I was so happy that I could take apart of this event! Open House is a perfect time to get to […]

A Trip Around Campus

Hello Bulldogs! I hope everyone has had a great week here on campus! This weekend was filled with so many fun activities for Friends and Family weekend, so I hope you had the opportunity to partake in some of those activities! Part of my weekend was not spent on campus, unfortunately, just like last year, […]

Exam season is upon us!

It’s exam season here at Bryant University and this means it’s time to pull out those books, get reading, make some flashcards and ace those exams! For the freshmen, right now is just about when midterms are taking place. For some, this might be a scary event. They may think, how can half a semester’s […]

And So The Year Begins!

Hello Bulldogs! Welcome back to Smithfield. I hope you had a great move-in and a fantastic first month here. To the future bulldogs that may be reading this, hello! I hope you’ve had a great September, and I can’t wait to show you what our school is about. To re-introduce myself, my name is Angie […]

A Final Post…..

Bryant, My time has finally come and freshmen year will be done soon enough! Less than two weeks and I’ll be free from the course work and scholastic commitments. Although I’m extremely excited for this chapter of my life to be over, I have to take a second to stop and reflect on my time […]

Current Happenings on Campus!

  It’s a well known fact when the weather is nicer, more things happen on campus and everyone is in a great mood! Here’s a current roundup of a few things that are happening on campus or have happened recently! Greek Week! Although I am not involved with sorority life on campus, a few of […]


Hello readers! This last Wednesday, Bryant students had the opportunity to participate in Research and Engagement Day (RED). This is Bryant’s sixth year of putting on this event for faculty, students, and staff. I had the opportunity to participate in three RED17 events! All of the events were great and I was excited to have […]