Nick's Posts:

ACE Impact

I remember on my first tour of Bryant, I received a ‘take-out menu’ from the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).  Young Nick Valeri actually thought they served food in ACE. But as time progressed, I actually realized they serve fresh advice on how to achieve excellence. ACE has been an important resource in my success […]

Facility Appriciation

Even though I have always known this, but the facility and staff on campus are extremely friendly and kind. I wanted to make sure they got their recognition and appreciation for all of their efforts they provide to campus. Even though through every encounter with a facility and staff I always act polite, I realized […]

Transition from Suite to Townhouse Has Begun

As a freshman, the idea of living in a townhouse on campus was surreal to think about. With less than a semester left of my junior year, those freshman thoughts are turning into reality. Within the next couple of days, my roommates and I will be claiming which townhouse will be ours for next year. […]

Class Registration – The Final Stretch

In one of the many things that I cannot believe is ending in my Bryant career is registering for class. Arguably one of the most stressful processes a student can go through (or maybe I am the only one that stresses over it), it is a process that I am almost finished partaking in. I […]

Sales – Competition & Mentorship

If there was any time of Sales overload, this would be the perfect time to describe it. In one of the busiest stretches of Sales activities I have been exposed to, it has been a ride I hope does not end in terms of fun (I hope it does eventually though, because I would not […]

Bryant University Social Media Club

Even though I am involved with different organizations on campus, the Social Media Club is one that is one of my major commitments throughout the semester. In a unique organization, the club provides real-world experience of how powerful creativity and management come together. The goal of the organization is to fully manage a company’s social […]

Spring Break Recap

Spring Break has come and gone, unfortunately. But, the stories will stay. That is how it is supposed to go, right? In the past, I have used Spring Break as an opportunity to rest and recover from the semester so far. This year, my roommates were pretty determined to travel. Because my school plans did […]

The Balance of Life and Gym

This year, I have taken a major commitment in finding a proper balance between working out and keeping up with my school work. This was one of the goals I wanted to achieve coming into the semester. As I have time to reflect on it now, I realize that I believe I have done a […]

Surviving Midterms

Even though I have been a student for almost three years, I will never find a perfect way to survive midterms. I have definitely had it easy the past couple of semesters, but this semester it felt like a round of finals. What made this round of midterms different was not the increase in work, […]

Playoff Bound – Dawg Pound Edition

The table is officially set – both Dawgs, the men and women’s teams, are heading to the playoffs. After an exciting showing for the ‘Snow Day’ game of the men, and a thrilling stretch for the women’s team, playoff basketball is now officially on the radar. For Dawg Pound, it is always an exciting time […]