Midterm Frights!

For most students on campus, the scariest part of the Halloween weekend was the exams! As we pass the midpoint of the semester, suddenly classes feel rushed and the workload piles up as we wind down the last two months until Winter Break. Here are just a few things to think about academically moving into […]

My Final Class Registration

This week, I will be registering for classes in the spring. My final semester as a Bryant Bulldog. Even though it is scary to think about, it is an exciting time. I cannot say I am excited about waking up in time to register at the crack of dawn for the final time, but I […]

Prepping for the Holidays

As we’re officially over Halloween, in my opinion we are entering the Holiday season! No matter your beliefs, I always think it’s nice to spread happiness, be merry, and thank the ones you care about. Here are my tips for getting in holiday spirit. Decorate, decorate, decorate! There’s no better way to get in a […]

What to do with free time abroad!

It is crazy to believe, but in just 5 short weeks I will be on my return flight back to the US…… or in other words, back to reality. As great as it will be to see my family, friends, and dog, I just want to stay in Spain forever! Ideally, if all American food, […]

The Willow Tree

I feel like Bryant students have a higher level of pride for the appearance of their campus than other college students. It’s almost weird how we hold stock to particular spots on campus, such as the “Bryant beach” which is only half of the small lake on campus facing the Fisher Student Center. For some […]

My Favorite Study Locations on Campus

The greatest thing about Bryant is the diversity. I’m not only talking about students and professors, but also buildings. Bryant has a ton of different study options for all different types of learning, something I have come to appreciate in my three semesters here at Bryant. I like to vary where I study and lately […]

Competition Season – ICSC

I knew the time was coming, but it is finally here – competition season. As I am less than a week away from competing in the International Collegiate Sales Competition at Florida State University, I am in the final stretch of my preparations in representing Bryant. Competitions are never easy. They require a lot of patience, […]

Giving Back Through Bryant

While getting your education is obviously the focus here at Bryant, there is also a call for volunteerism and improving the community and those around you. Whether through ethics course or service learning projects, Bryant aims us to be better members of our communities as well as professionals. My biggest exposure to this commitment to […]

Fall Open House

Welcome back Bulldogs! We’re having amazing fall weather on campus right now, I hope you have an opportunity to come by. It was perfect weather for our fall Open House! As a new ambassador, I was so happy that I could take apart of this event! Open House is a perfect time to get to […]

An Active Reflection

Recently, I was on the phone with one of my friends who recently graduated and we had a very interesting exchange. As we both checked in on one another we each asked how we were doing, and both of our responses were “very busy.” But, we had two different versions of being busy. His version […]