New Additions and Tips Around Campus

By now, everyone here at Bryant seems to be settling in to life back on campus. Everyone has a grip on their class schedules, clubs, work, sports, and everything else our students have during the week. But there are always a couple hidden campus additions every year that aren’t commonly known among upperclassman. Looking to […]

Midterm Tips and Tricks

You would think that by the fifth time of overcoming the dreaded midterm season, I would have some sort of fool proof plan. Something that I would have been using since I was a freshman that would work perfectly. But to be honest I have only evolved through my study habits and have learned from […]

Exam season is upon us!

It’s exam season here at Bryant University and this means it’s time to pull out those books, get reading, make some flashcards and ace those exams! For the freshmen, right now is just about when midterms are taking place. For some, this might be a scary event. They may think, how can half a semester’s […]

The Finale – Senior Year Has Begun

I am a Bryant University Senior. Wow. That just gets tougher every time I try to understand it. As each summer goes by, sometimes you forget that you are still a student. You know you are a Bulldog for life, but you get so busy that you forget that 8 am classes are on the […]

Welcome Back Bulldogs

Welcome back everybody! While our Bulldogs have been on campus for about a month now, this is the first blog of the year so I thought I’d reflect a bit on my start to Year 2! It really is amazing how long ago freshman year feels. There isn’t really a solid expectation when you arrive […]

Bryant Bubble after SIE

It feels good to not only be back in my Bryant bubble but to also be blogging once more. Time for everyone to hear about the cool things I experience here on campus. But to add something special to this blog I wanted to reminisce for a bit on one of my all time favorite […]

Warm Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year of writing and entertaining you with my knowledge about Rhode Island, Bryant, and New England. This semester, however, is a little different for me. Last year, a majority of my articles were about things, events, or lessons learned in the state of Rhode Island and on campus. I usually would […]

And So The Year Begins!

Hello Bulldogs! Welcome back to Smithfield. I hope you had a great move-in and a fantastic first month here. To the future bulldogs that may be reading this, hello! I hope you’ve had a great September, and I can’t wait to show you what our school is about. To re-introduce myself, my name is Angie […]

Marketing Research Project

This semester, I took a course called Marketing Research as part of my requirements in achieving my marketing major. In the course, you learn about the importance of researching a specific market in order to achieve success, as well as the behind the scenes of conducting research. For our main class project, we had to […]

The Power of Analytics

Last year, I made it official and announced I was concentrating in Applied Analytics to suit my Marketing major and Communication Minor. Prior to this semester, the only class I had taken in the concentration was the introduction course. But, this semester I was able to take a more detailed course and really get into the […]