Bryant’s Commitment to Excellence

One of the unique opportunities Bryant provides for its students is for them to learn outside the traditional classroom. There is always something going on outside of doing homework, studying in the library, club meetings, or athletic events. One of my personal favorite activities on campus is going to the tremendous speakers that are available […]

Junior Year Classes- Pushing Myself to Preform

Welcome back Bulldogs! If you read last week’s post, then you know I’ve started my Junior Year here at Bryant. I’m excited to be back and I finally feel like I’ve gotten myself together to tell you a little about each of my classes here this semester. Without further ado… Financial Management- This class is […]

Junior Year Has A Busy Start

  Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog here at Bryant University. My name is Angelique (Angie) and I’m a Junior here! I’m a Marketing and Applied Analytics double major and I am very excited to be telling you all about my experiences here this year. You can read about my prior history in the […]

End of the Semester Blues

As my fourth semester comes to a close, I feel the sadness already setting in. Next semester is going to be incredibly different and I’m going to miss all the amazing experiences that I have had either on campus or traveling with Bryant University this semester. I’ve had the most amazing year and I’m not […]

Bryant University’s Location

One of the really great things about Bryant University is the location. To me, we have the perfect location that every college undergrad should seek out. We’re located in a smaller town with a huge community feel. It’s a mostly residential campus with a long driveway and the feeling that you’re approaching something great, almost […]

Heathers The Musical!

I sat down with the Director of Bryant University’s Spring Musical- Heathers The Musical! I asked the director a few questions about the show and the cast! Here’s what he said! Name: Mike Criscuolo Grade: Junior Major: Marketing/Management Brief Description of the show in your eyes: This show is a wild ride from the opener […]

The Internship Search…..

Searching for an internship this year has been a bit daunting. I know my skills in the classroom are top notch and valuable in the competitive market where so many students are searching. I’ve tried to put my best foot forward and I am looking forward to hearing back from the companies I have applied […]

5 Things I’ve Learned Working as a Resident Assistant

During my time this year as a First-Year Resident Assistant, I’ve learned and grown so much and I have my residents, supervisor, and fellow RA’s to thank for this. Today I’ll be sharing my insight as I feel that I’ve learned a few things this year. 1- A friendly smile or a simple hello can […]

How to Utilize Your Snow Days

Spring may be here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! As we prepare for another large snowstorm, here are a few reminders about how you can spend your day around campus if you’re snowed in… Go to the Gym: Warm yourself up by burning some calories! The Chase Center Gym is free for students […]

Top Student Discounts

If you have read my last article, “How to Save Money in College” you can obviously tell I am a college student on a budget. I can only use this excuse for so long, until I am an adult and the whole “I am on a college budget” doesn’t apply to me anymore. A lot […]