September Blues

After spending almost the entire summer break out of the classroom, I truly enjoyed my time on the warm sand at the beach. The last couple weeks of my summer break consisted of me looking forward to the new school year and all of my friends that I did not get to see or hang out with over the summer break. Of course, I was excited about beginning my Junior year at Bryant, a little more excited than I should I have been. But I was still excited nonetheless. I was looking forward to the first day of class and I was even more excited that I would not need to take any accounting class this semester. I am a double major in Politics and Law and Entrepreneurship, so balance sheets are not my thing.

During the summer, I worked in the Admissions Office at Bryant. I learned a great deal from each and every counselor in the office. Whether it was from the different tasks/projects that we were given over our time there or the campus tours that I gave to prospective families and students that came to visit. I gained a sense of appreciation for all that the office did. The first day of school consisted a lot of “How was your summer?” and explaining why I did not go back home to Jamaica for the break.

I believe all Bryant students had become accustomed to ‘Syllabus Week’ as we would like to call it but there was no such week this year. My very first class of the semester immediately dove into the course work and I was not prepared for it. This was repeated for the next class, the next day and continued on for the rest of the week. I found myself writing down too many homework assignments that first week, something that I was not mentally prepared for. At the end of the first week of classes, it clicked to me that summer was over! The ball was rolling and there was no time to waste. I had to step my game up and complete all these reading assignments before the next week of classes.

When the second week of classes began, I had already started drinking coffee. I was not the only student that was not mentally prepared for the first week of school. I guess you could say that our minds were still in summer mode. It was not just classes and the work load that snuck up on us all but also all the meetings and responsibilities that we had on campus. This is now my third year at Bryant and it did not click to me until now just how many things I am involved in on the campus.  It seemed like it was just yesterday I was thinking about the right kind of sunscreen to get for a relaxing day at the beach. I went from getting 10 hours of a good night’s rest to getting a maximum of 5 hours.

Back to the books I go and truth be told, I actually missed having a lot on my plate because it kept me busy and organized. It also helped me with my time management and taught me to focus more on my own personal goals than anything else because time sure does fly by.