Prepping for the Career Fair

The Career Fair is seen as ‘THE EVENT’ to attend here at Bryant University. This year, the event was on Tuesday September 29, 2015 and it was held in the gym. It is hosted by the AMICA Center for Career Education every semester and students truly look forward to it. The Center took the fair to a completely different level this year by introducing an app that can be used on any student’s phone, giving them a map of all the companies that are attending the career fair. The app showed the exact of location of companies such as PriceWaterHouse Cooper, Citizens Bank and more. The app allowed students to mark the location of the companies of their interest. Such a great idea! An app like this makes the search for the right summer internship or job opportunity much easier for all students attending.

There is a lot of preparation that needs to take place before one is truly ready to conquer the career fair successfully. As a Junior, your main reason for attending the Career Fair is to hopefully be given the opportunity to add another experience to your resume. It is also a great way to network with different companies and individuals. Below are just a few tips that I consider to be essential in a Junior’s prep for the career fair.

  1. First thing’s first: YOU NEED TO GET YOUR RESUME UP TO DATE! Your resume is the most important piece when attending the career fair. Before you can hand your resume out to the representatives at the fair, you need to ensure that your resume is a 10. Take the time and go through your resume.
  1. After updating your resume, YOU SHOULD BRING IT TO THE AMICA CENTER!  Let’s be real for a second. You are not a professional on resumes and even though you followed the exact same format that you saw on Google, sometimes Google can lead you astray but the experts in the AMICA Center will not! These individuals are trained in their field to help you perfect your resume, so why not seek out their assistance. Make an appointment with someone from the center and allow them to critique your resume. You will receive great feedback on how to improve your resume.
  1. MAKE THE CHANGES! You went the AMICA Center for a reason so find the time out of your busy schedule to make the adjustments to your resume before printing 20 copies of them for the fair. REVIEW, REVIEW AND REVIEW! It is really important that you go through your resume thoroughly. Grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors. 
  1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Do your research on the companies coming to the career fair. This helps to make great conversation with the representatives there and it also saves you time. Instead of walking around the gym to every single table, you save a lot of time because you already know which companies you want to find out more information about. Over 140 companies attend the career fair and you do not have the time to go to every single table! 
  1. The AMICA Center puts on a variety of different sessions to help prepare you for the career fair. You should definitely utilize this opportunity to get ahead of the game. Resume reviewing is just one of the popular sessions that they offer during this time. Another session that is provided teaches you how to communicate with the representatives and it includes developing a strong handshake. So GET AHEAD OF THE GAME! Attend the career fair events that will help you get ready. 
  1. Your resume is your new cellphone for the fair. This is how you will communicate with the representatives. A representative takes a 5-10 seconds glance on your resume and determines whether or not they are interested in you. I would suggest bring a folder to keep your resumes in and you can also use it to keep the business cards that you will collect at the fair. 
  1. DRESS FOR SUCCESS! Your attire for the fair needs and should be ON POINT! It is your responsibility to ensure that your attire is nothing but perfection; how you present yourself says a lot and this is your first impression to the different representatives. That first impression can make or break you.
  1. Now the rest is up to you. Impress the representative!


I hope that you found success at this year’s Career Fair and will use these tips for the next fair in the spring.