Midterms…..I’m not ready

Midterms, the words that no student wants to hear as we complete the first month of school. I still cannot believe that we’ve made it through 5 weeks of classes already! Where did all the time go??!!!! It seems like it was just yesterday we were on summer break and now it is time to get ready for midterms, our favorite time of the semester. Every student knows that when a professor says the word ‘Midterm’ what we really hear is ‘no sleep and lots and lots of coffee.’ This is my third year at Bryant and I can honestly say that I would not have been able to get through the past two years without the help of my very good friend, coffee!

Coffee Meme

What is the game plan to survive midterm exams? I will pass on a few of my tips on how you can survive one of the most exhausting week of your semester. (Trust me, finals will be even worse!)

Make a schedule of all your upcoming midterms. This will DEFINITELY help you to plan a study schedule for each exam. It is not wise to wait until the night before to start studying for an exam and I promise you that if you do this, it will show in your grade.

Do not procrastinate! I am not going to lie, I too procrastinate. I am pretty sure if you were supposed to conduct a survey on the number of college students that actually procrastinate, the results would be high. Even though I do encourage a little bit of procrastination, please do not take it to the next level. The more you procrastinate, the more the work will pile up on you and with midterms coming around the corner that is not what you want!

A TO-DO LIST does help. Making a list of all the assignments or readings that you need to complete allows you to stay on track for your classes. The last thing you want is to fall behind in your class. Just because you are studying for midterms that does not allow you to space out in class and on the class assignments.

Find a study technique that works for you and STICK TO IT! My own personal technique involves writing study notes based on the study guide that the professor gave out for the exam. After completing my study guide, I go through the guide and often quiz myself on the material. The goal is not to mesmerize the material (but let’s be real, that is what we aim to do majority of the time), the goal is to have an understanding on the topic.

If you have practice questions for classes like math, accounting or finance, DO THE PRACTICE QUESTIONS! They are called practice questions for a reason. The more you practice the questions, the better off you’ll be. I know some students often forget the resources available to them on campus so just a friendly reminder, the ACADEMIC CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE is open! The center is there to help you in any of the subject areas mentioned above. Even as a junior, I still make appointments to get the help I need on any subject area. So make an appointment with an ACE tutor or a specialist. I promise you, you won’t regret it!

If you have a question on anything, see the professor. Yes, your friend in the class that sits next to you may have the answer to the question but why not visit the professor in his or her office hours. It is better to go directly to the source. Each professor at Bryant has set office hours available to all the students that wish to utilize them. This gives you the one-on-one that some students seek. You really would not want to miss out on this so check your professor’s office hours NOW!!!!!!

Take the time and review your study guide or your study notes.

I know getting a good night’s rest before the exam is always the best path to take so I can encourage you to do that. But if you’re like me where you rather use the time and continue reviewing for your exam then use your time wisely. Stay away from Netflix!

Everyone has different techniques or tips on how to ace your midterm exams. These are just a few of mine. Do not forget that your body and your brain needs the energy to keep going. Eat and exercise, and do not forget to take a nap every now and again. Honestly, there really is no set game plan for passing midterms,  we pretty much all wing it and hope for the best in the end.

Good luck with your midterms!

Exam Midterm