This year, I am truly honored to have the opportunity to be a part of the MyPath Program here at Bryant University. The kickoff event for the program is Wednesday, October 14, 2015 in the Rotunda of the Unistructure. All of the mentors and our amazing program directors Stephanie Frazitta and Amy Weinstein are truly excited to start this year off with a bang.



There are many students who start of their first year at Bryant undecided or uncertain of which major they should choose which suits their personality, their interests, their work values and also their skills. The MyPath program allows each student to explore a variety of options in the hope of finding one that they are truly passionate about, while still remaining on track for their set graduation date.  It includes personal career counseling, individualized academic advising and also career assessments to help students discover their own interests as they narrow down their options for their field of study. These students have until the end of their sophomore year to declare their major, plenty of time to make a decision.

“MyPath@Bryant is a unique partnership between the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs divisions that assists students in making decisions about a major and career,” says Jennifer Edwards, special assistant to the vice president for student affairs. “The program ensures that students who are undecided have the support and information they need to take their time and choose a path that truly represents their passions and unique talents.”


Declaring your major is a big deal for students and having a program like this truly helps students to worry less and it makes them less anxious towards the end of their sophomore year. The program puts on a variety of different events or sessions to assist students. One is the mentorship program with upperclassmen. This is where the MyPath Mentors such as myself and the 25 other students come into play. We are trained to help students find the path that suits their needs. For some students, they choose a major based on what their parents or families want for them while for other, they choose a major that will provide a financially sound future. That is not always the best option because if you are unhappy about your major you will not be able to truly succeed and you will never enjoy the opportunities that lies ahead.


There is also a MyPath Showcase where students can learn about the different majors and concentrations by speaking not just to the peers and the MyPath mentors but also to the faculty here at Bryant who are more than excited to help you find the path for you. Other programs include, the degree exploration fair and the career planning 101 (a five session, non-credit course held in both the fall and spring semester).


Unsure of your major, have no fear…….the MyPath Mentors are HERE!

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