Bryant Comes Out

This week, Bryant is celebrating National Coming Out Week by hosting various events that honor students of all sexualities.

On Tuesday, the Bryant Pride Center held a coming out party, where students proudly declared their sexuality or identified themselves as an ally to the LGBQT community. I couldn’t attend the party because of class, but I am a proud ally to the community. Some of the other events being held this week include Safe Zone Training and a screening of the film “Pariah.” All of these events strive to continue the message of equality for all.

I am so proud to be a part of a community that not only accepts all people, but also celebrates and embraces them. Many times, when people talk about Bryant University, they speak to the “community feel” of our campus. This includes the friendly attitudes of students and faculty alike, the acts of kindness we see everyday, but most importantly includes the welcoming personalities of everyone who goes here. It sounds cheesy, I know, but I promise you’ll experience it the moment you walk on campus.

Long story short, National Coming Out Week is awesome and so are the people of Bryant.

bryant comes out

bryant pride

All photos courtesy of the Bryant Pride Center.

Live in love (and equality),