Student Spotlight: Eric Williams

I hope that all of you prospective students taking the time out of your days to read some of our blogs gain a better perspective of the Bryant experience through the eyes of students. To broaden that perspective, I decided to sit down with a few students at Bryant who has a different major than me, who participates in different organizations than I do, and whose path to and through Bryant is much different than mine. I’ll try to do this a few times throughout each semester with different Bryant seniors so you have a great idea of how different each Bryant path is, and where their education will take them next. To kick things off, here’s my conversation with Eric Wiliams ’16:


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are here at Bryant:

A: Hi! My name is Eric Williams, and I am currently a senior at Bryant University pursing a dual concentration in Finance and Applied Analytics. I am originally from Madison, Connecticut and graduated from Daniel Hand High School in 2012. For my first year and a half at Bryant, I planned on majoring in accounting however, after completing Bryant’s core business curriculum, I realized finance was my true passion.

During the second semester of my junior year, I was accepted into the Bryant University Archway Investment Fund’s security analysis course. The students who are a part of the Archway Investment Fund help to invest approximately a million dollars of the schools endowment fund. I have finished the security analysis course and am currently in the portfolio management course. For this course, I am responsible for managing all Energy, Materials, and Utilities holdings in the fund as well as making sure the fund is in compliance with our policy statement.


In my spare time, I am a member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters and mentor a Woonsocket Elementary student on a weekly basis. Participate in multiple intramural sports including handball, floor hockey, basketball, and softball. Unfortunately none of the teams I play on have won a championship however, I am optimistic about this year. I am also a member of the Bryant golf club and play 9 holes every Friday until it snows.

Q: Connect the dots for us. How did you get from first learning about Bryant to eventually accepting your offer of admission from the University?

A: To be honest I am not sure exactly how I first learned about Bryant. If I had to guess, it would be from friends who had older brothers who attended Bryant. Everyone I had talked with spoke positively of the school and I had an interest in business which Bryant has a reputation for. I decided to apply and visit the campus for admitted student’s day. I remember hearing speeches from President Machtley and Professor Roberto and I knew I would be getting a world class education.

Q: What are your plans once you graduate with your degree from Bryant in May?

A: I am currently in the process of applying and interviewing for jobs. I am applying for a variety of jobs in the finance industry. As well, I am beginning to study to take the GMAT, a standardized test for graduate schools.

Q: If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing when you were a senior in high school, what would that one thing be?

A: If I was able to give one piece of advice to myself as a senior in high school, it would be got with your gut. When it comes to making your decision on where to go to school, there will be external pressures. Do not attend a school because your best friends going there or it’s where your parents went. Attend a school which provides you the best opportunity to be happy and succeed. For me, this school was Bryant University.

Q: 50 years from now when you look back on your experience at Bryant, what will be the first thing that pops into your head?

A: Looking back at my Bryant experience 50 years from now, the first thing that will pop into my head will be the friendships I have made over my four years. As much as one’s education is important, in my opinion, the relationships made at college are equally as important. I encourage all incoming freshmen to get involved in activates which interest them and meet as many people as possible.

Q: Any advice for a prospective student interested in Bryant and in the middle of the college search process?

A: If you are interested in Bryant, my suggestion would be to visit the campus and see all we have to offer. To get more of a realistic experience, I would suggest shadowing a student. This will allow you to sit through some courses and eat a meal in the dining hall. This will allow you to ask students or professors questions and become part of the Bryant community.


Check back here as I interview more Bryant seniors to hear about their experiences and discuss what the future holds for them post-Bryant.

Thanks for reading, and Go Dawgs.