How we the transfer students, are doing so far…

This is going to be the most hectic week I have had yet. If you can guess right, it would not be that hard to know why. I have three midterms and a test coming up, take home papers due and I am telling you, pulling a string of all-nighters never looked so good. Before I came to Bryant, I had versed myself well in the art of staying up late to finish school work. At my former college, the normal course load was four courses per semester. Well, at Bryant, my load is now a highly quantitative five plus a TTR class so yes, my books stack up tall. Talk about an upgrade! That being said over the past weeks since the beginning of this semester, I have had a great deal of success in managing my time. This includes losing a couple hours of sleep every now and then which I have been very reluctant to give up but hey, a man has got to do what he has to do.


I recall the day before classes started, we were told time management was key to being successful at Bryant. I took it very seriously but never really grasped the importance of it until my classes commenced. Did I have to play catch up? Absolutely! And so did almost all the transfer students I know. Meeting after our TTR classes and across campus, we tend to share our experiences at Bryant so far with each other and lessons we are continually learning. Last week when I spoke to one gentleman, he lamented about how he missed the Career Fair because he had no idea when and where it was nor was he even prepared for it. Another student also spoke about how ACE had become a “place of refuge” for her challenging academic work. Others also spoke about what a fantastic time they are having and how nice everyone is. Another gentleman who transferred from my former college was also pleased to inform me he had landed an internship for the summer of 2016 already. Amazing, right? The point is, the transition of transfer students at Bryant is never clear cut. It has it’s ups and down’s, struggles and high points. I suspect it is the same for every school because my friends at Brown, URI, PC and other universities echo the same stories-the first semester is not the easiest. Believe me, I can see that now. Thankfully, I have had support from seniors who transferred into Bryant coaching me and giving me important tips and warning me about mistakes they made which they hope I never make in my very short time here. I am grateful for the care and love I have received from them and from everyone. As for my friend who missed this just past career fair, he is charged up and ready for the Spring 2016 Career Fair. At this point, it is fair to say everyone is gearing up for a relaxing Christmas. Of course, we have to cross one last hurdle first- the finals and man, things are shaping up really nice. My advice to all transfer students is to keep up the good work, seek help when it is needed, ask a lot of questions and stay updated, and know that WE, AND THE BRYANT COMMUNITY, ARE HERE FOR EACH OTHER. Stay blessed!