Viewing Party for Bryant vs Duke

This past Saturday the Bulldogs played current NCAA Basketball champs, the Duke Blue Devils. An email sent on Friday invited students to the Chace Center to come watch the game as it would be live-streamed on ESPN 3. Having extra time on my hands after running through some of my studies, I decided to jump in on the action. By 7:30 I was in Chace. Upon swiping in and making my way into the center, I was offered a Bryant University spirit towel and some other Bulldog swag. The crowd was a sizable one. I made my way to very last seats on the row to get a better perspective so as to get a better perspective for pictures.

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The game itself was not a bad one. I will admit I rarely watch any NCAA games. So like other experiences I have had since day one of this semester, this was my very first time of watching a Bulldog game. During orientation, we had heard so much about Bryant’s “solid” and “formidable” basketball team. So formidable that they had many NEC (New England Conference) accolades. I was eager to see them play. I mean who wouldn’t? Well, the game got underway and the very first quarter of the first half was pretty much neck and neck with respect to both teams in shots and points garnered. The Chace Center crowd went wild whenever the Bulldogs got one in.

Things unfortunately began to take a not so favorable turn for Bryant when the Bulldogs started turning over the ball more often. I have praise for the Blue Devils because they did not fail to capitalize on these mishaps. I will be the first to admit if I was on the team myself I would not have done any better. I mean Duke is the current reigning national champ, the best of the best, so I would have felt overwhelmed. Add that to the fact that Duke had home court advantage and that pretty much sealed the deal.


During the half time break, Bryant @ Night, the student group responsible for putting this event together hosted little competitions and gave out prizes. They also gave out free selfie sticks to every single person in the crowd. That was nice of them.

So then the second half began. It was more damage control on the part of the Bulldogs as the Blue Devils attacked their rim aggressively. At the close, the scores were Duke 113 Bryant 75. It was disappointing for me since I would have loved to have seen the Bulldogs victorious. The sentiments I had were shared by almost every student I spoke with after the match. No one really thought we had a chance at beating the national champions on a quest to defend their title.  That being said, I believe the boys played their hearts out and gave their best. I commend them for that.