Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Break. I know I did. It was a well needed 5 relaxing days.

As an International Student, in my home country we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. We celebrate Christmas, New Year’s and other holidays such as Easter, however we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. This would be my third year celebrating Thanksgiving and I truly love joining in the celebrations. There are a lot of things in my life that I am thankful.

This year, I joined a very good friend of mine in Orange, Connecticut where I was invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with her and her family. The two hour drive to her house seemed like a fairly short distance. The drive down was filled with chatter, laughter and a great deal of singing to our favorite songs. We were greeted with open arms and smiles upon our arrival as her parents opened up their home to me for the next three days. My Thanksgiving break was exactly what I wanted it to be, relaxing. We started off the break with a dinner out with the whole family where we enjoyed a fun game of trivia. The best part of the night was the endless laughter and our victory in the game of trivia. The next day was spent trying to catch up on the sleep that we have missed over the past couple weeks before the break. Not only did we catch up on our sleep but we also dedicated that day to catching up on our shows as well.

Thursday morning was extremely busy as the preparations for the Thanksgiving feast were underway. The house was filled with the aroma of the food that was being prepared. I was definitely looking forward to the feast. As time went on, we were eventually called to the table to be seated. The table has name cards for every single person that was joining us for the dinner. We started off with a delicious shrimp cocktail and fruit salad (for those that did not eat shrimp). It was absolutely delicious. Our next course consisted of a deli palate with an assortment of cheeses and vegetables. The conversation was truly entertaining as we spoke about a variety of different topics. I got to learn more about the Thanksgiving dinner and how different families would prepare for the celebrations. Our next course was a dish of Italian lasagna. It was different from how I would prepare lasagna after conversing with my friend’s grandmother that took the time to make the wonderful dish. We all took a short break from stuffing our faces before we brought out the turkey. The break was spent with laughter, chatter and barking from their dog who was eager to join in the conversations.

It was time for the turkey and we all gathered around the table again to join in for more conversation and the delicious turkey that was prepared. At the end of our meal, we all had smiles on our face. The dinner was truly delightful and the conversation was refreshing. There was no space for dinner so we all decided to save that for later but there was apple and pumpkin pie, along with vanilla ice cream for those who were interested.

I am so fortunate to have such an amazing friend. There are a few students whom remained on campus during this break either because home is a long distance away for the five days that we are given or they chose to remain on campus. The university does an amazing job at ensuring that these students are accommodated for by setting up a meal plan for them for the duration of that week and also ensuring that they have access to their halls.

To this day I am truly thankful for having such a wonderful friend and Thanksgiving. I felt like I was another member of their family joining in on the celebrations.