Fall 2015: A Semester in Review

The fall semester here at Bryant is quickly coming to a close. In less than two weeks, I’ll be home sipping on hot chocolate and wrapping Christmas presents. Until then, however, you’ll find me studying in the library in hopes that I’ll ace my finals. After reflecting on the lessons I learned outside the classroom, here are the most important things I’m taking away from this semester:

The library is your friend.

You could argue that this is a lesson I should have learned my freshman year, but it wasn’t until October of 2015 that I realized I study better when I’m in the library. I used to study in the Fisher Student Center or even at my desk in my room, but there’s something about being surrounded by hundreds of books and focused students that really fosters a good studying environment. Bonus: the reference librarians at Bryant are amazing and have helped me through many a research paper this semester.

Sleep is important in a college student’s life.

Another lesson I probably should have learned earlier on, but I have always been convinced that running on six hours of sleep was acceptable. However…it’s not. This semester I don’t have any early classes so I’ve had the luxury of getting eight hours of sleep a night. It’s great! I feel like I could run a marathon every morning. I didn’t know it was possible to actually feel well rested after sleeping. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, I implore you to do so. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Surround yourself with people you genuinely enjoy. 

This lesson is a little less scholastic and a little more personal, but many times people seem to be friends with people only because they feel like they have to be. This semester, I made it a point to foster friendships solely with people who I truly like; those who share my values and have my best interests at heart. While I may have less friends, the quality of the friendships I do have is through the roof! Making time for the people I genuinely care about has made me a happier person and changed my attitude towards a lot of things.

It’s never a bad time to call home.

I have always been extremely close with my family. They’re my rock and have encouraged me to become a better person throughout my entire life. Whenever I am having a bad day, whenever I am stressed, or whenever I just want to hear a familiar voice I call my mom. She gets annoyed when it’s 10:30 at night and I call just to talk about my day, but even so she always answers the phone. It’s the best pick-me-up a girl could ask for! So, mom, if you’re reading this: thank you for taking all of those late night (and early morning!) calls.

Those are the main lessons I learned over the past few months…and here are some of my favorite memories from this semester!

  • Finally getting to donate blood!

Mikayla blog

  • Signing my name on the Bryant Builds beam!

mikayla beam

  • Celebrating Christmas with my suitemates!

mikayla christmas

Live in love,