Home Sweet Home

One of the perks of being an International Student at Bryant University would have to be running away from the cold and the snow over the winter break. This is exactly what a lot of the International Students did, including myself. As much as we love our time at Bryant, nothing beats going home and getting a chance to sleep in your OWN bed and enjoy some of your mom’s cooking which is exactly what I did over the one month long winter break.

For me, this was the first time I was going home since winter break 2014. One thing that you will learn in college is that there are times where you will have to sacrifice your summer or winter breaks in order to allow yourself to grow as a person and gain more experience in the real world. Of course, I was extremely excited to be heading to back home to the warm island of Jamaica.

After landing in the airport in Jamaica, I was thrilled to see my dad waiting for me with a huge smile on his face. For me, I truly appreciate the time that I spend with my family and also with my friends. I guess you have a pretty good idea as to what I spent my winter break doing. My winter break was filled with adventures with family and friends. I spent a lot of my time babysitting my baby cousin.

I found myself spending a lot of time appreciating the island that I live on and the culture that I am apart of. If you’ve ever had the chance to interact with Jamaicans, you would see that we are proud of who we are and where we live. Of course like every other country, we have our own issues but the good should outweigh the bad. I decided to use this to give you all an opportunity to see for yourselves what I spent the whole month enjoying.

1169733_565492346940090_51129863_n“The hue from the Sun setting on New Kingston. Photo: blackmuggul


“San san ??☀️? Portland. Photo: Coreymus




” “People like ants”. Shot of Downtown Kingston shopping district close to South Parade. Photo: blackmuggul


11849997_938636126192422_319570056_n“Rain pelts Downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Photo: blackmuggul



“New Kingston, St. Andrew by night. Overlooking The Emancipation Park.  Photo: Vanni Hinds Photos


“Downtown Kingston, Jamaica heading East. Photo by blackmuggul

12338688_1106177642726842_1000376480_n“Spur Tree Hill marks the boundary between Manchester and St Elizabeth Parish and offers spectacular views over the St Elizabeth lowlands. Photo by CoreyMus


Caymanas Estate in St Catherine. Photo by CoreyMus

Even though I would have loved another week or two to enjoy my time home, I appreciated the time that I had. It gave me a chance to reflect and I realized how much my island has to offer. I also realized how blessed I am for the many opportunities that I have been given while studying abroad and the people I met along the way. My winter break was relaxing and I feel refreshed to start the new semester.

Come at me 2016.



*Pictures from “42 Incredibly Stunning Aerial View of The Real Jamaica You Have Never Seen.”