Senior Year – First and Lasts

School is back in session and the spring semester has officially began. What does that mean for us seniors? It means there’s many “last times” that we will encounter this year.  As I look at each “last time” for the opportunities I have this year there’s a bittersweet feeling about each of them.


Last time buying textbooks (Hip-hip-hooray!)

Last time re/applying to be a Resident Assistant (This was such a great experience. There’s nothing better than helping out a fellow Bulldog)

Last time living with all my best friends (but I know we will visit each other as much as possible)

Last time I’ll have mid-term exams and finals (until grad school…)

Last time I’ll order a Ronzio’s pizza at 2am with my friends (probably a good thing)

Last time I’ll register for courses (for now!)

Last time I’ll check out to register for course (sometimes not very reliable!)

Last time I’ll run into my favorite professors and have a nice chat (we will stay in touch!)

Last time I’ll be an undergraduate student (wow)


The beauty in all these “last times” though is that usually a “last time” is followed by a “first time”. Because when I encounter all these moments and think to myself “this is the last time I’ll do this…” my next thought is “I can’t wait for the first time…”


The first time I’ll start my first new job

The first time I’ll take a graduate class

The first time I’ll move to the mid-west and live by myself

The first time I’ll walk through the Archway

The first time I’ll visit Bryant University as a proud alumna


I’m not jumping with joy to leave Bryant University (I don’t think any senior is). But I am happy to leave feeling prepared for what is next. I’ve had some of the best experiences as a student – both in my academic and personal life at Bryant. The opportunities I’ve been given, the friendships I’ve made, the knowledge I’ve obtained, there’s nothing that could outweigh the great moments I’ve had these past four years. I’m twenty-one years old and feel that time is flying by. I can’t imagine what the next years will hold but I’m excited to take on each day one day at a time and make each one count. These past four years flew by and I’ve got four months left to make them count, leave my mark, and get ready to make the next four years and the many after that the best years of my life!

I’m excited to share with you the next four months (the last four!) of my college career which will cross-over with my first few months of post-college planning! I’ve recently accepted a position as a Sourcing Buyer with General Mills in Minneapolis, Minnesota so there is sure to be many firsts as I prepare for this exciting move.

Keep Smiling!

Emily M. Socha

Last "First Day of School" picture taken on 9/8/2015.

Last “First Day of School” picture taken on 9/8/2015.