MyPath Showcase 2016

Dear Diary,

After spending a whole semester hearing about the MyPath Showcase, I was extremely excited for that day to arrive. Prior to the showcase, all the MyPath Mentors as well as the amazing staff in the Academic Advising office were busy advertising the showcase to both the first year and second year students. The students had a lot of questions that they needed answers to and the MyPath Showcase was going to give them that and much more.

At approximately 1:30pm, around the Unistructure (the main building on campus where classes are held) MyPath Mentors were going around ensuring that all the classrooms were labelled for the breakout sessions that were coming up. We all went back to Janikies (our auditorium on campus) to get ready for the arrival of the students attending the showcase.

As the clock struck 2:00pm, they all came rushing in to grab their programs and rushed into Janikies auditorium to get a good seat. They were all in for a treat. Our keynote speaker for the event was Jullien Gordon.


Here is a link to one of his amazing Ted Talks that he did.


After listening to his Ted Talk for myself, I was truly motivated to find a passion of my own and after seeing how receptive the students were, I know they were also motivated to find theirs. Feel free to click on the link above to hear the talk for yourself!

The students broke out into their small group where they now had a chance to ask a faculty member as well as student currently majoring in Psychology, for example, all the questions they were just itching to ask. Each session lasted for 30 minutes and we had over 10 sessions regarding 10 different majors going on. Each classroom was filled with eager students waiting to find out more. The students had the opportunity to attend a second session whether they were searching for another major or a minor or even a major that they were interested in hearing more about. The students had great questions and the mentors were more than happy to answer them based on their own personal experiences.

I truly enjoyed being a part of the showcase. I definitely saw a difference in the students faces at the end of the session. They looked more relieved and hopefully on the way to seeking out their passion!

It was a good day!

Till next time Diary.