NODA Conference


Recently, I was selected to serve as next year’s Top Dog alongside another student. This means that I will be overseeing the Bulldog Leaders, the team that will help welcome first-year students onto campus this fall. This is no easy task! Luckily, I have a wonderful group of people by my side to make this program a success.

Tomorrow, I am traveling to Saratoga Springs with a small group of students and faculty. We will attend the NODA Region IX Conference! This conference is aimed at educating people who are involved with orientation and transition into college. The other Top Dog and I, with the two student coordinators of the orientation program, are the student representatives from Bryant.

I am so excited to have this great opportunity! I am hoping to gain insight into how different programs are run at other schools, and how we can implement those ideas back at Bryant. The conference is packed with information sessions that cover everything from orientation activities to how to select a great group of student leaders! I know that on Sunday we will return with so many great ways to improve the experience for first-year students at Bryant.

I’ll be sure to update you after the trip!

Live in love,