SAS Global Forum Student Symposium National Finalists

Last semester, I completed my Applied Analytics concentration by taking the curriculum’s capstone course, which primarily consists of a semester long group project that culminates with a submission into a national competition: The SAS Global Forum Student Symposium.

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My group, consisting of myself, Molly Funk, and Michelle Williams, analyzed car crash data compiled from police reports, medical examiner reports, state vehicle registration reports, and several other data sources. Our goal was to learn more about fatal car crashes that involve minors, both as non-motorist as well as drivers or passengers within the vehicle. We profiled different types of minors (for example, young children vs. teenage drivers), and found insights about what might have caused fatal car crashes that they were involved in, or what factors influenced their death or survival.

This seems pretty disheartening, and at times it was. However, we were able to take our analysis to a second level and apply what we learned to changing educational tools for minors on road safety in America. This ranged from adjusting parent education for young children to changing drivers’ education procedures for soon-to-be drivers. After 4+ months of creating and fine tuning our analysis, we submitted our findings to the SAS Student Symposium to compete with other teams from institutions from across the USA and other

My team got the awesome news this past week that our project has been selected as one of the Top 8 submissions to the forum and will be moving on to the final round in Las Vegas in April! We will be competing against students from some of the top analytics programs in the US and Canada. We will represent Bryant and compete against teams from Oklahoma State University, York University, Dakota State University, Kennesaw State University, University of Arizona, Universite Laval, and North Carolina State University. Each team will present their techniques and analysis to the Forum audience and the top 3 teams will be recognized.

Michelle, Molly, and I could not be more excited to represent the University on a global stage. Thousands of people will be at the Forum both physically and virtually, and we have earned an amazing opportunity to show many analytical professionals not only our analysis from our project, but also the details of the analytics curriculum at Bryant. Needless to say, we are counting down the days until our flight to Vegas to present on that stage in April!

To learn a little bit more about the SAS Global Forum Student Symposium, check this out:


Thanks for reading, and Go Dawgs.