Winter Wonderland


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Everyone has a habit of getting caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of life and we sometimes forget to appreciate everything that goes into it. I am definitely guilty of doing this, and I have only become guiltier of doing this since I started college. College has a way of sweeping you up and carrying you along its current, but I believe that it’s extremely important for us to remember why we are even here in the first place. If we do this, then all of the craziness of our lives can be put into perspective and we can truly appreciate what we have.

For me this moment of clarity and prospective came to me while I was walking home from class one night. The campus was quiet, partly having to do with the snow storm starting and partly because of what time it was. When I stepped out of the Rotunda and into the storm I stopped. Instead of my usual quick hike to my next destination I instead stood in my spot, rooted there, and took in the scene before me. Sometimes I am too busy and forget to admire Bryant’s beautiful campus—it can be breathtaking. Even on a rainy day there is beauty to be. But in this moment, with the snow gently falling and the peaceful silence enveloping me, I remembered all of the reasons why I had picked Bryant as my home back in January of 2015. While I thought it over, the day’s stress fell away and I started to appreciate everything once again.

A high school senior’s decision on where they should attend college is one of the bigger decisions they will make in their lives. For me, I was lucky enough to find the answer simple—I wanted to attend Bryant University. There was something that just pulled me to it, its reputation, the size of the campus, the business atmosphere it gave off, and its educational methods. All of this appealed to me and I just knew I had to be a bulldog. Bryant has not let me down pertaining to these categories and everything beyond them. I have never felt more intellectually stimulated or challenged before as I do here, my communication and leader skills have flourished, while group projects do not appear daunting to me, and most importantly—I have found a new form of happiness here.

While I felt the snowflakes falling onto my hair, I looked around my home one last time before I started my hike to my next destination. I realized that as a freshman I do not feel as if I am still trying to adjust to a “foreign” place, and in fact I never felt like this. Bryant makes sure that all of its incoming students feel like a member of the community immediately. I have never had to second guess whether I chose the right school or not and I will forever be grateful for this. I took a deep breath in, let go of that days stress, fell back in love with my life, and started the walk back to my dorm.