From Me to You: 3 Pieces of Advice on Your College Decision

Many of you have probably already made your decision on which college you will attend next fall (or maybe you applied early decision and have no decision to make!). However, I know from the Bryant Class of 2020 Facebook page that there are many of you out there have been accepted to several institutions and have yet to make a decision on where you will take your talents come September (that was me 4 years ago). I have been through that decision, and I have worked for Bryant’s Office of Admission ever since I’ve been at Bryant, so I like to think that I have seen a lot of college decisions and have learned a few important things. And I also know that there are all sorts of websites, “experts”, and qualified professionals that can give you great insight on the college decision process. But, I’d like to think of my list of pointers as short, but encompassing. So, from a student to a student, here are my three most important things to remember when making your big decision:

07 College decision

  1. Do what feels right. Cliché? For sure. True? Absolutely. You should never attend a school that when you came on campus you wanted to leave, or you do not feel like you will be successful and challenged. You want to do pick a school where you will feel welcome, included, academically tested, and experience personal and professional growth. Don’t accept otherwise!
  2. What can their degree do for you? As tricky as it might be in the midst of your senior year of high school, try your best to imagine what it will feel like to sit in your first job or internship interview years from now with the degree from the university you are considering. If it was your degree from your institution against the same degree from another institution, how would you stack up? This is about the return on your investment. Four years from now, what will the value of your education be in the eyes of employers? Make sure you ask this question to every school you consider.
  3. It’s more about you than it is the school. Do all of the homework you would like, visit each school as many times as you would like, and think long and hard about which college or university you would like to call your second home for the next four years. However, when it is all said and done, your college experience is more heavily influenced by the effort you put into it and the energy that you give to open doors of opportunity than it is about selecting one college over the other. While resources and opportunities may differ from one college to the next, if you put your best foot forward and take advantage of all the great things that present themselves over the next four years, you will have made the right decision.

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If you have ever interviewed with me over the past year and a half, I have already told you these insights that I have discovered over my years around university admission. But if you haven’t heard them before, take them in! And Good luck.


Thanks for reading, and Go Dawgs.