Professor of the Week: Professor Donoyan

Like I have said before, it is not difficult to connect with professors here at Bryant. Whether I have been a student in one of their classes, or know them outside of the classroom, Bryant makes it very easy to build relationships with a faculty member. This week, I wanted to highlight a professor that has had a major influence on me during my early Bryant career – Professor Giovanna Donoyan.

I met Professor Donoyan during my freshman year. She was my cohort leader for Bryant IDEA. It was easy to get along with her because of our mutual love for Tom Brady was about the same (I would give myself the slight advantage, though). But, it wasn’t until the following weeks after IDEA where she started to become a role model for me. When some of my fellow IDEA teammates came back together to do a follow-up presentation for the Patriots Hall of Fame at Gillette Stadium, Professor Donoyan was at every meeting. Even if sometimes we were meeting twice a week, she would be there to make sure we were properly prepared for the presentation. She pushed us to be our absolute best and the presentation would not have been nearly as successful without her guidance.

As I continue to advance in my college career, she is still here for me. Even though I have never been a student in one of her classes, the IDEA program fostered a strong mentor relationship . When I go to visit her during her office hours, her famous line is, “when you come to visit, even if you are just saying hello, you have to leave learning something new.” Professor Donoyan is always trying to help me (and my Bryant peers) improve as a better person, while being a resource for academic and career guidance. This is something I will never take for granted. Whether it is advice about the real world, an upcoming assignment in another course, or just a casual conversation, I know I can count on Professor Donoyan.

Professors like these are the magic of Bryant. They truly care about their students and embrace the fact that Bryant is a student-centered institution.  As I prepare to finish up year two, I have learned that sometimes you have to reflect on the resources you have in order to appreciate them that much more.  Thank you to all of the faculty members of Bryant University.