Venturing out of the Bryant Bubble!

One of the coolest things about Bryant is that you have everything at your fingertips. The academic building, gym, dining hall, library, and health services offices are so close you could basically get through the semester without leaving campus if you wanted to. (Though I would recommend stocking up on those ‘essentials’ if you plan to do this). Even though you have everything on campus, it’s still nice to venture out of the Bryant Bubble every once in a while!

As I was driving through Rhode Island on my way back to campus the other day, I realized how familiar I’d become with the area. I’m originally from Connecticut, but Bryant has become my second home and I have made some of my own favorite spots!

Let’s talk food! Of course we know Bryant students frequent Such a Bagel and J’s Deli for the breakfast and lunch needs. But I don’t mind a bit of a longer drive (so 20 minutes) to Providence and/or Cranston for breakfast. T’s Restaurant has amazing breakfast! The atmosphere is so fun with all the colorful plates and artwork that fill the restaurant and they always have extravagant coffee flavors. The first time I went to T’s I had “snowball” coffee which was a nice sweet coffee I enjoyed while eating and staring out the window watching the snow fall! Now it may sound like I’m a coffee drinker (though I actually only have a cup on occasion) another great coffee shop is called Blue State Coffee on Thayer street in Providence. Thayer Street has so many fun shops and restaurants but this café is always full of college students relaxing, studying, or rushing in to grab something on the go. And if you’re more of a tea person (like me!) then TeaLuxe is your spot! They have hundreds of flavors of tea in all types – black, green, herbals, decaf, rooibos, oolong, white, and more! They have so many options it’s sometimes too difficult to choose! So if you’re like me and like a late breakfast and early dinner, we can skip right to the Masala Indian Cuisine. I was a bit hesitant at first because Indian food is known to be hot and full of spices. However, once I sat down and tried many different dishes, I was sold. My food was delicious and perfectly prepared. They also had Bollywood films on large TV screens around the restaurant and I’ve enjoyed Bollywood films since I saw my first one freshman year of college. Not to mention, if you chose to order food to-go, they pack everything so nice and it is super fresh when you’re home and ready to eat. In Providence of course there’s Luxe Burger Bar which is known for their signature “build your own burger” menu where you tally off the contents to make your burger creation. My friends and I went here for my 20th birthday and we all had a great time! I just took my mom here last weekend when she was visiting and she loved it as well!

20th birthday dinner with great friends at Luxe Burger!

20th birthday dinner with great friends at Luxe Burger!

After all the eating, exercise is a must. My friends and I are always driving to Lincoln Woods State Park (10-15 minutes from Bryant) for a run, walk, or hike through the woods. It’s nice to sit by the lake too and just chat the afternoon weekends away! We also walk on the small walking trails a few miles behind campus. There’s two trails about a mile each which makes for a nice small hike on a nice day. Also, just a few minutes down the road is a small lake that you can walk trails by or sit and enjoy the view. Almost all the times I’ve taken a drive to that lake I’ve seen other Bryant Bulldogs enjoying the view too, it’s a great spot to take your mind off school for a little bit!

Hiking at the trails close by the Bryant campus!

Hiking at the trails close by the Bryant campus!

Great view to take your mind off the midterms, projects, case studies, readings, and more...!

Great view to take your mind off the midterms, projects, case studies, readings, and more…!

I’m not the best chef, but I am learning! Living in my townhouse this year I’ve had plenty of time to experiment with some great recipes and let’s just say…some recipes I’ll never try again! No matter how good a home cooked meal tastes, it’s nice to treat yourself to a tea, coffee, or an Indian feast some nights! I hope you’re able to check out some of these great places too!

Keep Smiling!

~Emily M. Socha