The Bryant Group Affect

I know that I was not the only one in high school that despised group work. Some of my thoughts consisted of,

“Why should I be forced to work with people other than my friends?”

“Why can I not just do this entire project on my own?”

These thoughts, and many more, would keep popping into my head while I was forced into group work, and I was blind to all of the advantages that working with a group can provide you.

Here at Bryant, group work is inevitable. I was already in two different groups within the first two weeks of my semester here. At first my old negative thoughts kept coming back to me while I was participating in these group meetings and activities. But eventually something changed for me, I like to call this change the “Bryant Group Affect.”

Since most professors will eventually assign group work, you quickly become used to it here at Bryant. The “Bryant Group Affect” is when you finally realize that these group projects and assignments are a preview of what the supposed “real world” will be like. Once we all move on in life the probability of us working with our friends are slim to none, but that does not mean that the people you do work with cannot quickly become your friends. I have experienced this first hand. Since these group projects usually take a lot of time and effort, it becomes a much more enjoyable experience if you start to become friends with the people you are working with. I have been able to do that with every single group I have been a part and the difference it makes is incredible. It is especially helpful when it comes to your GFOB group because the amount of time you will be spending with these people throughout the duration of the semester is astronomical. It makes the late nights bearable when everyone is friends with each other.

There are also a boatload of skills that can be obtained through group work. Some examples of these skills are the ability to learn how to effectively work with others, leadership skills, communication skills, etc. These skills are a huge part of the “Bryant Group Affect,” and have contributed to my overall enjoyment of working in groups. I can clearly see the benefits you can reap from the experience, and I look forward to all of my future group projects and subsequent meetings.

Here is my GFOB group's first assignment, we had to design a team picture. Since we are the "Super Six" we added a superman theme to it.

Here is my GFOB group’s first assignment, we had to design a team picture. Since we are the “Super Six” we added a superman theme to it.