Linked Through Leadership – The LEARN Weekend

One thing that I truly admire about Bryant is the numerous opportunities that the school  offers to the students allowing them to step outside of their comfort zone and be themselves. For  freshmen beginning their college adventure, it is very hard for them to truly break out of their shell. It is because of this where programs like the LEARN Weekend comes into play.

The LEARN Weekend Experience Team is comprised of 10-11 sophomore, junior and senior facilitators who are responsible for the development, planning, and facilitation of the LEARN Weekend Experience. This experience normally takes place in the spring semester and this year it is on the weekend of April 8th  in Woodstock, CT. This experience impacts 40 first and second year students at Bryant.

LEARN is the first step taken by many current student leaders at Bryant University.  This weekend retreat focuses on the development of the individual with the aim to produce well rounded and prepared students who will go on to lead and change our community, for the better.  Above all LEARN is an interactive, fun and nurturing escape from campus that will leave you empowered and refreshed when taking on your future challenges here at Bryant University.

Furthermore, as I know I haven’t given much details to the various activities and things being taken place during the weekend. There is a point to you knowing little about this experience, as it helps to make the experience once on the weekend rewarding.

If you are still wondering here is what past participants had to say about the experience…

This experience cannot be put into words. A whole weekend of learning, inspiration, love, leadership, friendship, limits, strengths, weaknesses, and just so much more! It is a weekend that will truly change your life. Everyone needs to realize and find themselves and this weekend did that for me.” – Joseph St. Thomas, LEARN Participant 2012

“My experience on the LEARN weekend retreat was one that I would not trade for anything. As a facilitator I was more focused on making sure each participant got the most out of the weekend that they possibly could and really took something away from it. I never expected that I would learn more about myself and take some things away. The activities were emotionally inspiring and strengthening. If you have an interest in growing as a person and learning about yourself, this retreat is the best decision to make.” – Jenee Walker, LEARN Facilitator 2013


Here are just a few of this years’ amazing facilitators:


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The LEARN Weekend Experience will be one of your best experiences here at Bryant University.