Feeling Accomplished – The Milestone of Declaring a Major

For me, I envisioned some milestones when I first entered college. One of those milestones included declaring my major. Even though I already was set on taking my talents to the Marketing and Communications department, nothing is official until it is official.

This past Wednesday, Bryant held a ‘Majors Exploration Fair’ allowing students to explore all the academic majors offered through the College of Business and the College of Arts & Sciences. It was also a change for students to officially declare their major. For some sophomores like myself, it was the deadline to declare. Even though heading into it I had a game-plan in place, I was excited to see if there were additional possibilities to expand my degree.

I went to take care of business right away and walked straight to the marketing table. Now, this is where the twist in the movie happens. While at the Marketing table, I was able to learn more about the Marketing Analytics concentration. Before the fair, I was thinking about the subject from time to time, but never really put in the effort to find the correct information about it. After the fair, I gained all the knowledge I needed to be sold to narrow my love for Marketing in a specific topic.

Majors Fair

At the end of the fair, I was officially declared to be a major in Marketing with a minor in Communications. But, immediately following the fair I met with my academic adviser to determine which classes are required for the Marketing Analytics concentration. Beginning next semester, I will be on my way.

The bottom line is the Majors Fair made me more informed and productive than I originally expected it. It was one of my most important Bryant milestones which brings me that much closer to walking under the Archway on my way to Commencement.