Student Art Exhibition

Students of Bryant University are known for their accomplishments in school and on the field as well. One thing you probably did not know about Bryant students is how extremely talented they are.

For the rest of the week and the next week, there is a student art exhibition in the Fisher Student Center highlight some of the work that these students have completed either in the Literary and Cultural Studies class or in the free time.

I actually took the time to view the art exhibition and I was truly amazed at the pieces that were submitted. It truly shows the effort and heart that these students put into their art work.

Here are a couple pictures giving you a sneak peak into the art exhibition:



IMG_4962 IMG_4961











IMG_4958 IMG_4957 IMG_4956










IMG_4954 IMG_4953







IMG_4952 (1)


If you get the chance to take a tour of the art exhibition in the Fisher Student Center, I definitely suggest that you do so.