More than just a club

I have been a part of DECA since my junior year of high school, yet it never ceases to impact me in a new way every time I participate in one of its events. This past week Bryant DECA traveled down to the beautiful city, Washington D.C., to attend the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) for five days. Leaving college for five days can seem like a daunting task since there are countless things that one is missing, but this grants you a chance to use your time management skills in order to make it all work out. I got ahead in my school work and prepared for my third time attending ICDC and competing at it. I was excited to experience it at the collegiate level for the first time.

Each individual chooses a track they want to compete in, for example I competed in Fashion Merchandising. This involved me taking a 100 question exam on one of the days, and then doing a role play in front of a judge on another day of the conference. Our scores would determine whether we went on to the second round, and from there, whether we were ranked top ten in the world for the category we competed in. Personally, I have always liked the role plays the most. I like being given a business problem and to have to analyze it within the allotted time of thirty minutes. I have also learned a lot from presenting my role play to a judge. It has provided me with a new level of confidence, public speaking skills, and has broadened my creativity level. These are the important parts of DECA, where it helps to provide you with the skills you need in order to be successful in the work force, and life. While also showing students how to take what they learn in the classroom and how to apply it in the real world.

I was grateful to spend these five days with the members of Bryant DECA. We worked hard all year long in order to get to this point, we fund-raised all year long to try and help lower expenses, while also practicing and sharpening our skills for the competition. It brought us all together and has helped us form unforgettable connections. It’s nice to now know people like this on campus to either help guide me through my life or to just hang out with. It’s also experiences like this one that make college even more unforgettable.

I am ready to see what next semester brings for Bryant DECA, what with the incoming freshman that will be joining, my new e-board position as secretary, and the fact that our current president, Ashley Cardona, has helped pave a way for Bryant DECA to become an even bigger success.