Apartment Hunting – What they don’t teach you how to do in college…

So, I’m writing this blog from a Marriott hotel in St. Louis Park, Minnesota as I look at seven different pamphlets of potential apartment homes I may be renting so I can start my new job next year.

Some of the pamphlets made it straight to the ground, but the others are serious contenders. However, there’s only so much you can put into an excel sheet and try and rationalize. Part of it is a gut feeling and where I can see myself living. The other part is, “Emily – can you pay for this?” haha.

In college I’ve learned to analyze left and right. Heck, I’m earning an applied analytics concentration! All I do is analyze, manipulate and display data to either show or predict things. This decision is a bit different though. There’s so much data I’ve taken in about each place, but none of it points to the single perfect answer of “choose this apartment – it’s going to be the best one for you”. I guess in a sense, that’s where everything else I’ve learned at Bryant comes in…to go with your gut and do what makes you happy.

For four years at Bryant University I’ve made a series of decisions. Some easy, such as choosing my major (I knew I wanted to come to Bryant for supply chain management…have you read my other blogs?! LOL) studying abroad, going to the library and putting in the extra effort for the A, applying to be a resident assistant, and other easy decisions. But some decisions, those were much harder. Like, continuing to be an RA when I got to see all my other friends living together in a suite and I was in a single in the freshman halls, deciding on a minor/second concentration because I changed it about three times, and deciding which internships to take and if I could work part-time while being a full-time student. Life is a series of decisions and I’ve learned that some are easier than others. Nevertheless, when making the important ones, it’s good to think long-term and what’s going to bring true happiness for myself not others.

To me, happiness is strapping a kayak on my jeep and driving five minutes to the nearest lake. It’s paddling around for an hour or two, soaking up the sun, and then strapping the kayak back on my jeep and heading home. Happiness is being able to open the blinds and have natural light flood the apartment so I can read for a few hours. Happiness is a big closet for my shoes, some clothes, and more shoes! Happiness is a space to entertain friends and family and cook lots of delicious food. And happiness is being in a place that I feel safe.

Of all the apartments I’ve looked at, there’s one that gives me all of this. Although there’s some sacrifice, like a bit of a commute and a 15 minute drive to the closest shops rather than 5, to me, those aren’t the things that bring me happiness anyways. So, while I sacrifice a few things that some of my models would rate “commute and proximity to shopping mall” extremely high, I’m feeling confident as I leave Minnesota this weekend knowing I’ll be moving in to a place that makes me truly happy.

~Keep Smiling! 🙂 Emily M. Socha