My Break-Up Letter to Bryant University

Dear Bryant University,

I’m sorry to say this, but I think our relationship must end. I know most people won’t read an entire break-up letter considering the first sentence pretty much says it all. If you get through this entire letter, I truly do appreciate it.

Trust me when I say that you’ve been the best four years of my life — you really have — but it’s come to that time where I think we have to start seeing other people and we need space.

Dear Bryant 2 Dear Bryant 3

It’s Not You, It’s Me

It was the spring of 2012 and I knew we were perfect for each other when I first laid my eyes on you. But I also knew that we could never last. You were already looking at others to replace me while I started to look for my next love throughout our relationship.

It started when I knew there was a bigger world out there than just Smithfield. You may have been wondering why I wasn’t with you on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I didn’t want to tell you, but I think you figured it out by now so I won’t go into detail (or you can ask other Bryant students as they will probably know the story).

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You’ve Helped Me Grow as a Person

Our four-year relationship by far exeeded my assumptions of what I thought was going to happen. I’ve seen you grow as you’ve helped me grow. You’re now ranked nationally for your business program and it’s incredible to see where you started beforehand. I witnessed three new buildings being constructed and I also saw the newly renovated Bryant Center turn into the Fisher Student Center (which, let’s be honest, I probably spend more time there than my actual dorm room).

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There Will Always Be a Place in My Heart for You

I found it unnecessary to explain which clubs and organizations I was part of as I feel that doesn’t matter in the long run. Why? Because I didn’t stay with you to join something for the simple fact of adding another line to my resume. Bryant University, I stayed with you to create memories. To create stories. To learn more about the “real-world” out there. To meet people who I will forever cherish even when we’re old and past our time. And I’m going to miss those people so much, just as I will miss you.

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Keep Being You

You have taught me that everyone has his or her own story. We each have a unique perspective of what life is; yet I have learned that we must not forget to accept that others have their own perspective as well. Next time we walk by someone in a store or down the street, understand that each random passerby has his or her own authentic life as we do. You have taught me their stories are characterized by their own routines, goals, and anxieties, yet they are invisible to us. All we see is their appearance on the outside, but deep down they have their own internal and underground complex tunnels that connect to thousands of other lives and memories.

When we walk by these people, we will now just be an additional blur to the background of their multifaceted experiences. But it’s up to us: do we want to be a blur or a vivid memory? Bryant University, our relationship will never be a blur to me.

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I Think We Should Just Be Friends

A relationship never simply ends, just like ours will never end. There won’t be a day that goes by that I won’t think about you. As I said in the beginning, if you’re still reading this, I truly do appreciate it. And, to be honest, if you are still reading this, let’s grab coffee sometime. I’m serious. It’s on me. Give me a call, message me on social media, or shoot me an email. I want to hear about your goals in the future. I want to listen about how you will achieve things on your bucket list. I want to learn about what your greatest fear is in life and how you will overcome it.

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Everything Will Be Okay

Throughout my experiences with you, I have come to the conclusion that society keeps telling us that we should be constantly searching for inspiration — but you have taught me that we need to ask ourselves how we should inspire people instead. How can we push family members, friends, and even strangers to reach higher goals and achieve more than what they expected at first? Bryant University, this is how you inspired me to live my life.

I know this may be hard, but just be you and see where it goes. There’s no need to worry. Worrying leads to inaction and inaction leads to regrets. Remember that everything will be okay.

Thank you again for the amazing memories. Go Bulldogs.


John Logan