Sweet Suite Life of Sophomore Year

The anticipation I had over entering into my sophomore year gradually built up more and more as the summer went on. It felt almost like it did when I was little and I was anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival Christmas Eve night. I never thought that I would ever be this excited about college life, but there is just something about Bryant that gets underneath your skin. I knew that sophomore year would be quite the transition from freshman year but I knew that I would be prepared for it.

I was right about both of these things, it has been quite a transition from freshman year. Everything seems just a little bit different. This mostly has to do with the fact that I now know more about my place on campus. When I first came here I didn’t exactly have a spot for myself yet, but I worked hard throughout my freshman year to make sure I carved myself one. This was the preparation process for my sophomore year that I was not fully aware of myself accomplishing. But I am happy to say that I successfully accomplished this. Coming back to campus was like returning home. I got to see all of the people I care about and to be back to the place that has been witness to many of my treasured memories.

One of the biggest changes of freshman year so far has been the living situation. I loved my room in hall 15 and my roommate but it’s 100% better to be living in a suite this time around. It’s definitely beneficial to have a whole living area to ourselves where we can all hang out and study. It feels if we have really created our own home for ourselves. This is one of the biggest keys to success in college, to have a sweet suite.

I’ve been told that sophomore year is the time to truly find yourself. It’s supposedly where the biggest changes occur. But I’m not scared about this, rather I’m excited about it and cannot wait to see what this year holds for me. It’s time to truly leave my mark at Bryant.

Just a piece of my home away from home

Just a piece of my home away from home