How Resume-Review Saved My Life

We all need a powerful resume to get us the internships and the jobs we want. But the question always seems to be, “what do I put on my resume?” I have never had a clear answer on this myself, therefore I still have old high school achievements on mine. Even though I am now a sophomore in college. This is a huge reason for why I finally attended the well known Bryant event “Resume Review.” This heavily attended event is put on by our very own Amica Center for Career Education. Volunteers from well known companies come in to meet with students who want their resume critiqued. I will admit I was slightly nervous to attend this event since I have never been to the Amica Center before, but, I immediately fell in love with the Amica Center for Career Education. They quickly eased my fears and introduced me to the person that was going to look over my resume. He thoroughly went through it with me and ripped it a part. At first I was overwhelmed at the amount of critiques he was giving me but I soon became grateful. He told me what he looks for when he hires people which helped me grasp a better understanding of that aspect of a business. Also, he told me that events such as IDEA are extremely important to employers. One of the things that he first looks for on a resume from a Bryant student is their role in this program and how successful they were in it. This fact made me even more thankful to be a Bulldog. I now have a resume that I am extremely proud of and can confidently apply for internships and jobs because of it.