Living the AIC Dream

Innovative, open, thought provoking, inspiring, and beautiful.

These are the words I use to describe Bryant’s newest building. I have fallen in love with the Academic innovation Center, and there is no turning back. It is not like I do not love the other Bryant buildings, because I do. But there is just something about the AIC that causes me to gravitate towards it.

I am almost always making the (longer than normal) walk to it everyday in order to either hang out, study, grab a quick bite to eat, or to go to my accounting class that I thankfully have here. I think it should be a requirement for all Bryant students to have at least one class in here. It is a completely different experience, one that I would not trade for the world. The classrooms here are either in a circular set up that is great to utilize during class discussions. Or they have individual circular tables that allows students to be a part of a singular group for the rest of the semester. These new additions allow Bryant to expand upon their favorite form of teaching, group work. It’s no longer an awkward movement of tables and chairs to get into a group, now it is effortless and easy. Everyone is where they should be. Plus, most of the walls are either glass or expo boards so there are countless locations to write on. This is another amazing educational opportunity for both the professors and the students.

I absolutely love the studying atmosphere that is in here as well. My two favorite places to be are either in one of the many breakout rooms. Or right up front by the window at the little bar stool table area they have. For the breakout rooms I get to be able to either study in peace, or to be in there with one of my groups, or my friends. It provides us with a place to work and draw on both the walls and boards. My favorite part though is that some of the walls are completely made of glass, this keeps me from feeling boxed up in a room for so many hours on end when I am stuck working. It also helps to keep me feeling connected with everyone else that is coming in and out of the building. Now, why I love the bar stool table top is because it looks out onto the entryway. It provides me with a little bit of a distraction while working but also with a lot of insight on what is going on outside of these walls. Plus I am happiest when I am basking in sunlight so this area is perfect to do that while studying.

I am so grateful that Bryant has provided us with another amazing facility to both learn and grow in. It’s providing us with a stimulating place for us to better ourselves and to continue growing into the leaders we all want to be. The AIC definitely makes every day a great day to be a bulldog!

After one of my many AIC night time study seshs

After one of my many AIC night time study seshs