Staying Healthy & Happy on Campus

Being at college is weird, and fun, and an all-around experience to say the least. You’ve by now, hopefully, become familiar with the dining hall and your food options-what to eat or what not to eat. You may or may not know where the gym is and/or local running routes within the town of Smithfield are. And you’ve come to realize, freedom is everywhere and sometimes we don’t know what to do with it. With that being said, it can be possible to fall into repetitive bad habits- such as napping when you’re not in class, doing your homework at the wee hours of the night, eating midnight snacks… every night, eating pizza for every meal because it’s always in the dining hall, skipping class because no one is going to yell at you for not going, or skipping out on the gym even when you know you should be there.

It’s hard to maintain five or more classes on their own, let alone anything else. But by following these simple tips they are sure to help you stay organized, stay on track, stay healthy, and stay happy here during your next few years (or last year) at Bryant!

Get a good night sleep: I know this sounds easier said than done, and I’m sure you’re mom has told you this one over and over, but it is so true. Getting a goodnight sleep will minimize the naps you take during the day, leaving you with more time to actually be productive.

Try new food: When you do go to the dining hall, don’t always get pizza or always get french-fries. When we always get these “comfort foods” they can sometimes lead to the “Freshman 15”. So with that being said, try the vegetable dish, or the wraps. Sometimes those turn out to be the best dishes in the dining hall.

Make a list: The night before you do anything, you should always make a list. Whether it is mental or physically written down, by listing what you have to do or accomplish, helps you stay organized and on-track with what actually needs to be done.

Don’t watch too much Netflix, but watch some Netflix: Sometimes the only way to relax, and de-stress is by getting a good laugh out from your favorite characters doing stupid things. But too much of Netflix can be a distraction. So limit the amount of episodes you watch, by watching an episode, do some homework, and then reward yourself with another episode for finishing your homework!

Stay active: Whether that means going for a run, going to the gym or just a simple leisurely walk, you will thank yourself in the end. There is nothing better than lying in bed after a long day, and feeling healthy because you had a good workout that day. Going to the gym may not be your thing, sometimes the workout classes Bryant offers may be your choice. Try these options out and if they don’t work try something new. Everyone has their own way of staying active.

Go to class: You don’t pay all this money to sleep in and not better your education. When you go to class you will actually learn something, I promise. What would your mother say if she knew you skipped your 8am?

Have “me” time: Being in college it’s hard to always fine that alone time or “me” time. Sharing a room with one or more people, community bathrooms etc. can sometimes be a lot on us. Make time for yourself, whether it be 30 minutes or three hours, do something that benefits you, and keeps you happy, sane, and in control.

 And by following these simple steps, you are sure to have a happy and healthy experience.