Pros and Cons of going home for Columbus Day Weekend

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Not necessarily for us to go home for a long weekend, but that is what most of us will be doing!
We’ve all hit that point in the semester where we are either super excited to go home and visit our family, friends, and pets OR you’re super sad to be leaving for the weekend, your new friends, new room, and new home. Bryant is like glue to me. Even for a long weekend (4 days) I don’t want to leave this place. However going home for the long weekend does have its pros, but leaving for the weekend does have its cons.



Seeing your pet: Whether your pet is a new puppy (like mine) or it’s the oldest animal around, we still miss the heck out of our fluffy little friends. Especially being on campus this last month and seeing a once and a while dog around, makes us that much more excited to snuggle with our buddies even if it’s just for a few days.

Home cooked meals: Nothing and I mean nothing compares to your mom or grandmother (or whoever cooks for you) cooking. Chances are when we all stagger back Monday afternoon we will all have plastic tuba wares full of chicken cutlets, sandwiches, soups, anything that is home cooked and can be preheated in our Micro-fridges!

Working: As much as we all hate working, it’s nice to be able to cram some shifts in this weekend, and save up even if it’s just a little pocket money. $50 of our own money is better than asking mom and dad each week for an allowance.



Leaving your new friends: you’ve finally found that group of people you become the most comfortable with (and if you haven’t found that group, you will, trust me) and even the thought of leaving them for just four days is saddening to you. You do everything together, all meals together, and now you have to separate for a short time, it seems impossible. But chances are, you’ll be texting all weekend and not lose connection!

Having to go home to “rules”: it’s been nice having no one to nag you to clean up after yourself, or ask what time you’ll be home, or yell at you for not doing your homework at a reasonable hour. But for the next few days, these “rules” will most likely be in place. If your parents are anything like mine “it’s their house, their rules”

Leaving home: It’s like you’re leaving your new home to go back to your old home. Both of these places are amazing destinations, however you’ve finally adjusted to your new home. You now after a month know where to be and what to do at the right times. You may still be learning (and that’s okay) but Bryant is your new home and even leaving home for a few days is sad.


Everyone have a happy and healthy Columbus Day weekend. Safe travels to all!