Group Projects: Part 2

As an extension of last weeks blog post, I’m going to reflect on my most recent group project here at Bryant. In my Global Foundations of Business class there are groups of five or six students. Each group was assigned a case study to read and research and then were given the task of presenting for 45 minutes to the class. Thankfully my first college presentation is now over because my group presented on Thursday!

Our group project consisted of a 30 minute PowerPoint and then a Kahoot, which is an interactive game for students that engages participants by having them select correct answers from their phones. This lasted about 15 minutes and we were right on the time mark for our project.

One thing that I wished my group had done differently was read the instructions for our presentations a bit closer. Our presentation definitely was not perfect, it had a few bumps in the road, but we did the best we could in the moment and corrected ourselves as we went along. If we had read the instructions over again, I’m positive we could have avoided the mistakes that were made during our presentation. I know that personally, doing so, could have definitely boosted my part of the presentation. I learned my lesson here and for the next presentation I won’t make the same mistake!

With this being said, there were many positives to our presentation that our group had the chance to present on. My group was lucky because our presentation was on EuroDisney, the European branch of the Disney parks. This was engaging to our audience because who doesn’t like Disney? I think that having this topic also helped because our slides were Disney themed and appealed to our classmates. Kahoots are also engaging for the audience because every person can interact and compete for the number one spot on the leader board.

Presenting as a group is incredibly challenging and pushes you to rely on your group mates to get their section of the work done and know it for the presentation. There’s only so much you can do to save a group member during a presentation and it’s incredibly important that everyone pulls their weight. Thankfully in this presentation I know everyone did the best they could, and now we have a baseline to use for our next presentation.

Like I said last week, Bryant loves group projects and over the next four years I know I’ll have a ton of experience working and presenting in groups.

Go Bulldogs!