Laugh Out Loud (cry quietly)


This fall, the Bryant Players will be hosting their annual fall play, and this year the show featured is……. “Laugh out Loud, (cry quietly)”. A comedy about online dating, and the horrific or in some cases, incredible experience’s on the first date. Some couples continue onto second and third dates, and some end in total disasters. The show will be playing during this upcoming Family & Friend’s weekend, October 20, 21 and 22, 2016. The show was casted and directed by Johanna Craig a sophomore at Bryant. The cast features many talented students (like myself), and a variety of students from first-year through seniors. The characters in the show are a variety of different personalities and interests.

Working on and in this show over the last month, has been a delight. Everyone has seriously pulled their own weight in making their scene and our show unanimous. We as a cast have worked incredibly hard at perfecting our scenes and trying to make (YOU) the audience laugh. So I encourage you all to come down to Janikies Theater and enjoy a few chuckles from your very favorite Bryant students. All of the characters may not know each other, but as you continue to watch the play, you will notice how they all connect in the end. (That is my only hint I am giving about the show). You’re going to have to come see it to find out the rest!

October 21, 22, and 23 tell your friends and family, and come on down!!!!!!!