Welcome to GFOB!

Wow, time has flown! It’s only my second month on campus, but it’s as if I’ve been a student here all my life. And as all freshman know, one of the most important parts of your life as a first year student at Bryant is your GFOB class!

GFOB, or “Global Foundations of Business” is Bryant’s first year introductory business course. It covers every aspect of business you may encounter in not only your future studies, but also your career. We do lots of interactive and hands-on learning to really prepare us for the business environment we one day will be working in. I’ve learned about creating a productive work environment, and roles of leadership in an office. We were treated to a traditional Chinese tea ceremony to demonstrate diversity and cultural awareness. And, of course, we have been working on our business plans.

The cumulative business plan for GFOB is an extensive group project where you and your peers create your very own product and build your business plan step by step. My class has created fascinating new products, from a clothes-drying wardrobe to an all-purpose writing utensil to a coaster the attaches to the bottom of your cup. You get to hold your own group meetings, design your own prototypes, and live the life of an entrepreneur!

I love coming to class and hearing about everyone’s ideas, it really is fascinating to watch each group find a problem, then create a product to solve that problem. Each group thinks so differently it’s impressive to see their different products and learn more about the process they took to create it. I love GFOB because it makes me think “Wow, I never thought about that before”. It lets me be creative while learning from my partners in my group. Though the work might be lengthy, I think it has been one of the most rewarding classes I’ve taken this semester!