Say It Anyway

Bryant’s Student Programming Board is consistently putting on exciting events whether it be Spring Weekend, a DIY craft table, or movie night in the auditorium. Tuesday night, they brought comedian Adam Grabowski to campus for a night of laughs and anecdotes about life. Adam was on season 11 of America’s Got Talent and even the infamous Simon Cowell admitted he thought Adam was hilarious.

I grabbed two of my friends and we went to the comedy event as a reward after a tough few days with midterms, homework and essays. I usually am fairly skeptical about stand-up comics, they always feel phony to me. Adam completely surprised me and totally surpassed my expectations. He was so funny! He talked men and women, cats and dogs, and successfully ruined my childhood by making fun of Disney movies.

My favorite part, however, was completely unfunny. Adam talked towards the end of his act about the seriousness of anxiety and depression and was candidly honest about his struggles with both. He debunked the myth that everyone has their lives together but you. He talked about how social media tells a very different story than real life. In those few moments, he turned from a happy-go-lucky stand-up comedian to a very vulnerable, very real person. It was a beautiful juxtaposition that I did not expect when I arrived at the event. Adam is the founder of the #SayItAnyway movement which encourages people to share their feelings and have the courage to say what they really mean.

Here’s a picture of me, my friend and Adam after the show! You’ll notice that I have an orange slap bracelet on my hand…Adam gave them out and wrote different phrases on each. It was a fun takeaway from the event


This is the other bracelets that were at the event encouraging the #SayItAnyway movement. On the inside, there’s a simple reminder. It says “you’re not alone.”


Live in love,