Inspiring the SOUL (Summit)

Student leaders is one of the broadest definitions of students at Bryant University. I personally feel as if the majority of the student body here exhibits strong leadership skills or actually has a leadership position on campus. For me, it’s the latter. I am happily the secretary for our DECA chapter, which comes with it a list of responsibilities and tasks. But I love every second of it. I have had leadership positions before so I know what it entails but that does not mean I know everything there is to know about being a leader. That is why I was so excited to attend the Student Organizations Understanding Leadership (SOUL) Summit that the Office of Campus Engagement put on earlier this month.

The event was held on a Sunday morning in the Fisher Student Center, and I was immediately struck by the good energy that was being put off by everyone in attendance. It felt good to be in a room surrounded by individuals who are working hard to make their organizations, and themselves, a success on campus. Through the event there were many different workshops to attend, each one catering a different aspect of organization growth or personal growth. I attended workshops focusing on membership growth and retention and learned a lot of valuable tips to help implement into DECA. But my favorite session by far was “‘SOUL'” Searching: Understanding the Role of Self-Care in Leadership.” Which was presented by Bryant Alum Andreas Armenis.

As a college student I feel as if we all work ourselves into the ground without even realizing it. There is not just school work to worry about but also extra curriculars, relationships, and jobs. Most of the time I feel like we never take any time for ourselves, nor do we know how to. I know this is the case with myself the majority of the time. I get so caught up in everything that I am doing that I lose a little bit of myself in the chaos. But this session shed some light on it for myself. Andreas talked about the signs of being burnt out and had us take a survey to gauge where are level is at as of right now. We then discussed some of the things that we need to do for ourselves in order to take care of ourselves. Because at the end of the day if we are struggling, then everything we do will not be up to the caliber it should be. This was an eye opening experience for me and helped me decide on what I personally need to do in order to take care of myself, and therefore will result in me being a better student leader as a whole.