Tips I Wish I Knew During My First Week

We’re halfway through first semester! As I look back, I’ve realized how many tips I’ve acquired to have the best experience at Bryant since I moved in a month and a half ago. Here are a few pointers on what to try on campus…

  1. Having trouble in classes? See ACE!: The Academic Center for Excellence is our personal tutor program at Bryant. Located in the Unistructure, you can get the help you need to improve in all your classes in a one-on-one or group setting.
  2. The Library Database: Need help researching a topic for your paper? Use the Online Database found on the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library website. You can access it through the library tab on your Blackboard page. This helpful tool lets you search reading material at Bryant, from all over Rhode Island, and even all over the country. Still having trouble finding the right book? Use the Librarian Instant Message system to chat directly with a librarian for assistance.
  3. The Nick’s Place Swipe Exchange: Have a late-night class like me? Nick’s Place (located at the Fisher Student Center) lets you exchange a Salmanson Meal Swipe for a selection of meals, between 8pm and 10pm. I love to use it right after my class gets out at 7:45, or to take a meal to go for Thursday Night Football.
  4. AIC Study Rooms: Most of my friends hate studying in their dorms. But where else can they study? The new Academic Innovation Center offers tons of study rooms with space from 4-8 students. And you can even go online to reserve a room for up to three hours, as well as see how big the room is, if there is a TV, and if anyone else has the room reserved. I’ve used it a lot for group projects, or just as a quiet space to study in.
  5. Get Involved!: Bryant offers hundreds of clubs and intramural sports to students, so find something you love to do! Personally, I’ve joined the DECA Club and I’ve started my own flag football team with my friends. It’s a lot of fun, and a great use of free time at Bryant.