Midterm Meditation

I think everyone can agree on the fact that any form of an exam is the one of the worst things in the world–especially when you are in college. For some reason, not matter how much I plan out my life, I still find myself surprised by the arrival of an exam. This especially happens during midterms week. How could we have possibly covered enough material to even have an exam? Is a question that I usually end up asking myself. But alas, there was material, and I now need to know all of it perfectly. I am a perfectionist though and if there is one thing that college has taught me, it is how to try and not be one. Because in the end no matter how hard I study, I will never get the perfect grade I so much desire. Therefore I have done my best to figure out ways to relax during the weeks I have exams, and to always forgive myself for still being human.

One of my favorite things to do is to set aside time for myself everyday. I find this imperative in keeping myself sane during times of great stress. Yes, studying is important, but if I go insane from doing doing too much of it then it will all go to waste.  Therefore I always find time for a little bit of Netflix binging to keep me feeling sane.

Next, it’s important to be focused while studying but I definitely think it is helpful to study with a friend. They are going to be there to talk to you when you need a quick break, to crack a joke to help you relax, or just to be there for moral support when it’s midnight and you are still up studying. Just make sure that they are not going to distract you too much.

Finally, I have learned that when it’s 2am and you have been studying for the last 7 hours that it is better to put everything and go to sleep rather than continue staying up to study for that day’s exam. In the end cramming never works and you have a higher chance of remembering things after sleeping than you do after pulling an all nighter.

No one likes exams but there is never going to be a way to avoid them in college. This is why it is so important to figure out ways to help yourself throughout the studying process in order to not go completely crazy during that time. At the end of the day you are only human, and this thought has always helped me through my hardest exams.