Battling the Mid-Semester Blues

Here on Bryant’s campus, I feel there has been a shift over the last week. The weather went from sunny and clear every day to overcast and a bit chilly. The change has encouraged me to be less active, less motivated, and less productive during the day. It was a bit of a struggle during midterm exams, but I found a few different ways to deal with this.

  1. Calling home– I’ve found that calling home helps me to be more focused about school and to get my mind back on track. It helps me to focus on why I’m at Bryant– to learn and to get a great education, which motivates me to put in the work to do so.
  2. Calling friends- When I talk to my friends I’ve found that I’m more likely to be motivated as well. When I hear about how my friends are getting A’s and studying hard, I want to achieve the same thing! It’s also a huge stress relief to hear from them and learn how they are all doing at their own schools.
  3. Working out– Bryant offers so many fitness classes and opportunities to sweat your stress away. From opportunities to try out kickboxing and spin to RA’s hosting Zumba classes, there’s always a way to exercise. When you exercise your body releases endorphins, which trigger positive feelings which always makes you feel better.
  4. Opening the curtains– This tip sounds a bit odd, but I always find I feel better when the natural sunlight from outside comes into my room. Instead of the artificial light on the wall, the natural sun will motivate your to get your work done, even if the sun is only out for a little bit.
  5. Studying in the library– Research has shown that studying in the same place that you sleep in is not a great way to study because your brain associates the two differently. Personally, when I’m in the library surrounded by people who also are trying to do work, this motivates me and I get my work done faster, and at a higher quality.

These are the things that work for me when I’m feeling down, especially now during the mid-semester. Hopefully these tips can motivate you when you’re feeling down, too!

Go Bulldogs!