Staying Active and Healthy on Campus

Looking for some fun ways to burn off your all-you-can-eat Salmo meals like me? Bryant offers a lot of great ways to stay fit and healthy during your time on campus!

The Chace Athletic Center offers a great gym open to all students for any activity from weight lifting to elliptical machines. I try to use it every few days; one of my favorite features is the ability to check gym availability through the Chace Center tab on the Bryant University App. I hate lifting when the gym is crowded, so it allows me to plan out when the gym is mostly empty each day. And if you’re not a big weight-lifter, Chace offers a lap pool, racquetball courts, yoga studios, dance classes, basketball courts, etc. With the addition of the new varsity conditioning center, Chace offers more availability and equipment for the average student who wants to work out.

For me, intramural sports have been a great opportunity to be more active in my everyday life. As a captain for my flag football team, I found it relatively inexpensive and hassle-free to form my own team. And beyond the health benefits, intramurals serve as a great way to make new friends on campus. I started my team with just four or five friends, and we ended up with a full-sized team of 14 filled with kids we met in class, friends of friends, or just people who heard through word of mouth around friend groups. It’s a really fun way to bond with people, and I can’t wait to play flag again next year. And now that the flag season is over, I can register for new intramurals for the winter and spring seasons. I’m already getting a team organized for whiffle ball in the spring!

Even if you don’t have the time in your schedule to fit in intramural or club games, you can always invite some friends for a pickup game on one of Bryant’s many fields. Play a round of Knockout on the outdoor basketball courts by Halls 14 and 15. Grab a Frisbee and play some Ultimate on the open fields around campus. There’s lots of open space around campus, and lots of students who are up for anything from a game of catch to a full-on flag football scrimmage. With all the fields and facilities that Bryant offers, all you need is just a few friends and some equipment to have fun and stay active on campus.