How I Got my First Internship

We all have a love/hate relationship with our summer jobs, we love them for the money, and hate them for the amount of our summer they take away from us. Lucky enough I have always loved my summer job, for reasons besides money. But after completing my freshman year of college, I knew that this job just wasn’t for me anymore. I craved something more, I wanted to try and obtain my first “big girl” job. Something that would pertain to the education I am getting here at Bryant, and that would challenge me.

Once the fall semester started, I hit the ground running. Now, I had never gone to the Amica Center for Career Education before this year, but I made sure I waltzed right in there to get a feel of the environment. I had not fully realized before just how many resources are so readily available to us right here on campus. All of a sudden I was not as scared to start this new journey that was ahead of me. I was ready to take on the battle of trying to find myself a summer internship.

What truly opened up my eyes to the type of internshipI was looking for was the Career Fair that was held right here on campus. I was able to see the kinds of companies that were looking to hire Bryant students and what they were looking to see in their employees. It inspired me to look at companies that I usually would not even consider working at. Because in the end, why not try something different?

After the career fair I worked on my applications and sent out as many as I could. To my surprise I actually landed a few interviews. Thankfully, the Amica center has the tools, skills, and tips I needed in order to rock these interviews. Somehow I did well on all of them and landed a second interview with the company, Aldi. Now I never would have guessed that I would have clicked with them as much as I did. But it happened, and I ended up falling for their District Manager internship. This is an executive level internship, one that I would only dream about having as a sophomore in college.

It happened though, I was able to successfully convey myself in my second interview and they offered me the internship. I was floored to find out that they held me in high enough esteem to see me working with their company for the summer. But I know that I would have never been able to obtain this without the knowledge I have acquired from Bryant, and from the help I have gotten from the Amica Center.