Midnight Madness 2016

This past Thursday, Bryant Athletics had its annual Midnight Madness event. An event that is always a cannot miss, it was the official kick off for the winter sports. With free t-shirts and pizza, it was bound to be a great time. But, it was also an excellent opportunity for the Dawg Pound to support their athletes.

Prior to the actual event, the E-Board for Dawg Pound tabled right outside of the entrance for two reasons – to promote the organization, as well as spread the word for our Pre-Game Rally on Saturday. With 100 flyers and a laptop set-up for sign-ups, we were skeptical about our success. But, once the doors open, it was game time for E-Board. All of our flyers were gone, as well as a great sign-up list. At this point, Midnight Madness did not even start and Dawg Pound E-Board was feeling great.


Once we were able to get our seats inside the gym, it was time to relax and support the teams. Our relaxation was short lived though, because the E-Board was called up to compete in the Dizzy Bat contest. Four members had to spin around a wiffle-ball bat ten times and run across the basketball court. To say the very least, Dawg Pound did not perform well at all. One member ran too far left, another member forgot the bat and had to run up and down the court twice – long story short, we came in dead last. But, we were still able to have some fun.

Later in the event, I was personally called up to compete in the musical chairs contest. With my mindset being ‘redemption mode’ I wanted to put up my best performance. Out of eight people, I was able to finish in fourth. Not too bad, not too great either. Regardless, we were still able to have a good time, even though our competing abilities were not the best.


After the competitions, the basketball teams were introduced. Midnight Madness is always an excellent event because it brings out the true excitement of both men’s and women’s seasons. With each player getting their own walk-out song, it is also a chance to get to know their personalities a little bit better as well. Even though Bryant is a Division 1 school, it is still pretty cool that we are able to get to know and see our athletes from a different perspective compared to bigger universities – bringing that community feeling to life.


As I said before, Midnight Madness is always a great time. Now that it has come and gone, it is time to get excited about the winter sports, as well as the Dawg Pound’s Pre-Game Rally for the Football Game.