DawgPound Pre-Game Rally

After the success of Midnight Madness, the Bryant DawgPound was ready to roll. Next up on the list? A Pre-Game rally prior to Senior Day on Saturday for the Bryant Football game.

This was our first event as an E-Board this year and we know that this would be a test for us. Even though we all knew each other, we still needed to come together as a unit and be organized. With our newest E-Board member from the Class of 2020, Matt Amaral, it was time to take our two-year old organization vision and bring it to life.

After holding a general meeting earlier this fall to gauge student’s perspective on what they would want to see at athletic events, the E-Board held an additional meeting to delegate responsibilities. From a leadership perspective, it was important to know that everyone was able to take action in the event and put in the effort that it deserved behind it.

By delegating tasks leading up to the event, everyone was able to hold their own. Whether it was getting supplies, printing out flyers, or talking to our organization’s advisor, we were on top of our game to make sure that everything would run smoothly come Saturday morning.

With the weather cooperating, things were smooth sailing. There were positives to running the event including the supportive student turnout. The biggest take away from this weekend’s event is that we know we are able to work together. With the winter sports’ season right around the corner, the group and EBoard has a renewed confidence as we prepare for future events. Even though I am the President of the club, it felt like we were just a group of friends trying to put together something exciting for the university.