The Beginner’s Guide to Dorm Life

As the only boy in my family, I’ve been lucky enough the past 17 years to have the luxury of my own room. So when I first got to Bryant, one of the biggest adjustments was getting use to having a roommate and a shared living space, and being more independent in general. Here are a few things I’ve learned through dorm life this semester at Bryant:

Try to stay organized! One of my biggest weaknesses has been organization. I always had a cluttered backpack and desk at home in high school. But now that I’m at Bryant, one of my biggest steps forward  has been being neat and organized. Hanging a whiteboard on my wall has been a huge help for me to visually see what I need to get done for the week. I can pin up assignments, write down due dates, and jot down to-do notes. Keeping an up-to-date agenda and desk calendar have also helped me stay on top of my workload.

Set down some basic guidelines with your roommate! Unless you requested a roommate, all freshman take a personality quiz to best pair you up with a roommate. Make sure to answer this as honestly as you can! It really tries to pair you with a roommate who has similar sleep schedules, level of neatness, and basic daily behaviors. And if your daily routine changes from high school to college, talk to your roommate to make sure there aren’t any issues. I know since when I took the personality test, I’ve changed my hours of sleep and how late I stay up. I talked it out with my roommate and made sure he didn’t mind me staying up later/sleeping later than he usually does.

Utilize ResLife! Your RA’s are a great source of information about living on campus. They can help resolve conflicts, give you advice, and help you have a better first year experience. Remember, they were once in your shoes as freshmen! They are great resources that are easy to talk to and are just down the hall from your dorm room.

Pick a study space! For me, I have no trouble studying in my dorm room. For some of my friends though, they have trouble staying focused in their own rooms and would rather use their dorms as a place to relax. Luckily for them, there are multiple options in their own halls. Each freshmen hall has a lobby with tables and chairs so you can spread out your paperwork or have some friends over for a study session. Personally, I prefer the small study rooms on the first floor of Hall 15. These two study rooms are relatively quiet, with plenty of space to work, and no TV’s to distract me. Just grab your Bryant laptop and your backpack, and you can find a place to study within your own hall.

Look at all your living choices! Bryant offers three unique living arrangements for freshman students; with traditional two-person dorms, quads, and suites. I live in a traditional two-person dorm this year, and I’ve found that I have plenty of space to both relax and study. I have a friend in a quad who loves the extra space it offers, and a friend who loves the private living space and bathrooms of his suite. No matter which room arrangement you choose, you will find something to enjoy about each.

Hope these tips help you get ready for dorm life! Click here for my other tips blog; “Tips I Wish I Knew During My First Week”!